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Comment by T-Lynn yesterday


 Blondie - your life in a nut shell. that nut shell must be the size of an Elephant!  YOur life is always moving - loving and large! thanks for always sharing your joys. Eight years old!!!!  Oh my , I remember sweet baby Conor. How exciting. He will do great with you. Glad you are going to Virgina Beach - Enjoy!

Cindy - what a wonderful trip you had.  And congratulations on your sailor's promotion. So happy everything went well.  Hope you will share more pictures.

YIPPE Kim - going ot Japan!!!! And November isn't that far away. Please share how you plan and some ideas where you are going. Will your grandson and dil be going too?  So good to see you here.

Sorry this is choppy. I have pink eye. And computer screen is bothering my eye.  didn't get it from my grand babies - got it from Cub Scouts!

OH Blondie, yes heard from sailor in Virginia Beach.  His family is settled in.(new home - furniture arriving - new schools and their first hurricane)  Even teh two dogs. Now sailor wants Autumn to get here. He wants to take his family - who have only known CA weather - to get to enjoy the colors, smells, FOODS, of Autumn.  And naturally Halloween.  these year he will have a BIG Jack-o-lantern.

so I wish all well. Need to get along - hugs

Comment by CindyN yesterday

Kim - I agree. I am happy to have someone else plan my trips. When my son went to Vietnam while in college, we used a travel agent due to needing to use multiple airlines. There was still a mix up on the way home. It worked out, just added to his stress level when checking in in Hanoi and he thought he didn't have a flight from Korea to the US. 

On our trip to Japan, we booked ourselves. Initially we booked our flights to/from Narita and Tokyo hotels. I ordered the Rail Passes before we left and a "Pocket Wifi" which we all used as our internet/wifi calling while in Japan. Just before we left, we then booked a flight from Fukuoka to Narita to get us to our flight home. Nothing else was booked until we got there. We have always book directly on airline and hotel websites but in Japan, for hotels at least, that isn't the easiest. My sailors girlfriend uses Expedia for all of her travel. She has an Expedia Rewards account (Free to get account, don't know how much it helped, if at all) She said she has always been able to find good places/prices using it. We were a bit nervous that we would end up in a bad hotel but we booked hotels (Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima, Fukuoka) thru Expedia and found the hotels to be nice and just what we expected. The one in Fukuoka was more of an Airbnb. While that wasn't completely clear when booking, it was just fine. My husband and son's GF were the ones doing the searches so I can't tell you much about that but they were able to find quickly hotels in good areas within easy walking distance of a train station for really good prices (<$100/night).  Granted that wasn't in Toyko! Searching and understanding hotel info was easy using the Expedia website. Looking directly at the hotel websites wasn't always easy so my husband just book thru Expedia and we got what we expected. I have never "booked as we go" when traveling overseas but it worked out, and worked well. Booking as we went allowed us to take the planning in small bites and gave us flexibility (since we were mainly using the train within Japan).

Let me know if you have questions. Good luck with your planning!

Comment by Blondie yesterday

Cindy sounds like a Wonderful trip.  Glad you got to do this, enjoyed yourselves and got home safely! Great pictures. How Wonderful that you got to be there for his Promotion!!!  Congrats to him.  :)

Kim, We went in 2010 (been awhile)  We booked our own. bought train tickets on line before we left.(cheaper) take as long as you can and take your time, experience the Culture. We Loved everything!  LOL  There's a discussion above or maybe Cindy can help when she catches her breath or others who have been there recently. 

Comment by Kim on Sunday
Traveling to Japan and Okinawa in November. Suggestions from others? Should I use a travel agency or book on my own? Feeling overwhelmed by possibilities.
Comment by CindyN on Saturday

Well I am back in the US, sitting in Atlanta waiting for a connecting flight. We had a great time. But after this long trek home from Sasebo, I am looking forward to sleeping in my own bed (for a few days before the movers take it to storage anyway). We spent 4 days in Tokyo, 2 Kyoto, 1 Osaka, 2 Hiroshima, 5 days in Sasebo (with a day trip to Nagasaki) and then one night in Fukuoka (due to an early morning flight). If we were to do it again, we would have spent less time in Tokyo and more in Kyoto. With 5 of us traveling around the country it required 3 hotel rooms and quite often 2 cabs. We quite often squeezed the 5 of us in a small booth for dinner. But that added to the charm of the trip. We loved traveling by train. Beautiful country and very nice, helpful people. It was great seeing our son and his girlfriend, who was visiting from NY. The highlight of the trip was being there for our son's promotion ceremony. Also love touring his ship and meeting shipmates.  I will attempt to attach a couple of pictures. I haven't done that before so we will see how it goes!

Comment by Blondie on September 11, 2019 at 11:18am

Miss, sounds promising, hope they take the house!  Prayers going up.  You're doing the best you can, that's all anyone can ask.  I'm sure the days are long and drag on for your Mama but You still have to take care of You.  

CindyN, ENJOY your trip, we had such a Blast when we went.  Waiting to hear your opinion....and Yes, Pictures PLEASE

T-Lynn, how's the Dance Shawl coming?  Son got settled ok?

BusyBee, Hugs to you and Prayers for him. T-Lynn is right, send little pieces of home, newspaper clippings, pictures... my daughter use to call and say tell me about home!  she couldn't really talk about what she was doin so ....sometimes she'd fall asleep listening to my voice. but she made friends and got involved with the outreach program, helping the local hospital and schools....traveling seeing the sites....

I survived the Holiday weekend with all my Grandkids in the house, only missed my eldest son and DIL (They have no children and worked so other workers with children could have it off.)  took pictures of 4 generations with Joseph and then us and grandkids, then kids with their kids...I took Advantage!  Might be the only time they're all here at the same time.  Lots going on as usual, Starting with Connor who will be turning 8 in 2 weeks!  Where does the time go?  He may be moving back in with us, which will be a JOY but a lot of responsibilities with school and sports.... Sailors and Tahlia will be leaving this weekend I'm gonna MISS them BUNCHES! Tahlia did not want me to come to work today, broke my heart to tell her I had to go and say good-bye. She finally waved both hands.  As I was going down the sidewalk, she ran out onto the porch, threw me a kiss and said, "Love Nana" then she shook her little finger at me and said "come back soon"  Awww, I melted, I blew her a kiss and said see ya at lunch time. Nephew told me 14 weekends till Chritmas!!!  I answered 14 weekends till Virginia Beach!  My husband laughed and said and the countdown has begun.  It's gonna be hard not being with our "wholefamilies" for Christmas, first time Ever. but Daughter and Tahlia NEEDS us, don't want Sailor to be alone for another Holiday.  Uggg life is Hard.  Joseph is growing SO Fast, His Mama goes back to work this next Monday, so when I drop other 2 at airport I'm going there to stay the weekend.  Hubby fears I'll stay for Monday but I KNOW in my heart he has to get use to babysitter so....I'm gonna try my best to smile and kiss them good-bye as late as possible Sunday night. :)

That's my life in a nut shell without writing a book.  Hugs to all.

Comment by T-Lynn on August 31, 2019 at 9:29pm


Busy Bee.  Gentle hugs. Remember and know that feeling.

My sailor is back in the states now and sailor is not close to home.  To make me feel better - I would send him small packages to him in Japan and now too.  It would contain - newspaper articles, one time the  entire newspaper!  Favorite movie candy ( Dots) - pictures, a hat he left home, Coffee from a local company or even potato chips made only in your town, a large coffee mug and recipes for cake in a cup!  I found now - they have those things  ready made.  Or make your own cake in cup recipe and send them in plastic jars, with instructions how to!  Others here even sent home made cookies and placed them in  Pringle Chip containers. It works! And one time - the pet turtle sent him a package and a letter. It will be a comfort to him and you. 

Hope you like the idea. As I said several of us here have done that.  And it made a difference.   A piece of home arrive.

But I would not advice mailing a real pumpkin.  NOT even a small one.  And yes I did. Put it in a zip lock bag - put it in the box with all the other Halloween and Birthday items.  ( His birthday is close to Halloween. Usually, the package would arrive in 7 days. NOT this time! Three months!  So when he got that package and I warned him what was in it - he shared that the package looked like it had been a war.  Holes - water damage - dented on one side.  BUT - nothing was damaged inside. And the pumpkin - well - it was all liquid and seeds and a stem. But that zip lock bag held!!!!  No my sailor did not take a picture.  But he had two others mates who saw it. 

So have some fun - create a piece of home package for him


Comment by BusyBee mom on August 31, 2019 at 2:45pm

Haven’t posted in a while, my so seems to be adjusting to life in Japan ok. He is still very homesick and missing everyone. He plans on trying to come hone in the spring but I have been encouraging him to stay and experience life there. Would love to visit but not sure I will as I would most likely be traveling alone so it’s still up in the air. Trying to keep busy and my mind focused on the positive as I miss him terribly. He is currently on base for so we can FaceTime fir now. Hope everyone has a wonderful holiday weekend!

Comment by T-Lynn on August 29, 2019 at 9:16pm

Hey Kim - you out there?

Comment by T-Lynn on August 29, 2019 at 9:16pm


Yippie three of you got on her with gossip.  Thank you !!!!!

Blondie - when is home your home not full of hugs - kisses - good food and family! sounds like a wonderful time.  Enjoy every minute. You have a Miss Jealous and I know have a Mr. Jealous. I know it will all work out.  Just promise me - you will get some Me Time.

Cindy !!! OMG. Are your hands full of "Getting Ready..." .  Getting Ready for a trip - then getting your personal stuff into storage - then selling your home - then finding a home - then 13 hours!  All I can say - BREATH and enjoy every second of your trip. So looking forward to pictures. But mostly hearing how many times you collected hugs and kisses from your sailor and storing those memories in  your heart. Have a fun trip.

Miss - as usual - it appears you are starting to copy Blondie. So now I have to figure out a new name for you. there is only one Energizer Bunny here, so I'm working on it.  Fingers crossed the sell of the house goes smoothly and FAST !  Then there has to be a cook out to celebrate.  You are a dear person to be so good to your mom.  And can't wait to hear what cruise you will taking. Yes- do share the details of payback.

thank you - we had a great weekend. ANd even though hubby and I did so many different activities - and how sore my muscles I never knew I had -that day was stress free and fun.  this weekend?  Making that Native American Dance Shawl.  I have all the materials I need and it has been waiting for me for 3 years.  It is time to get it done.  And then present it to the person at the end of September. Promise to share picture of it when finished.  Just have to get the other ones up too. I am hoping my son can help me this weekend.

My sailor is doing fine. H was able to have leave and bring his family to his new station in Virginia. Naturally pulling in as that hurricane is visiting too.  Hope that storms turns out to be lazy and leaves everyone alone. I can hope.

Well, that's about it here.  Wish all a great Labor Day weekend. hugs


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