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Comment by Kim on April 24, 2022 at 12:27pm

I hope everyone had a great Easter.

"All hands (navy moms) on deck!  I need advice.  My sailor, wife, son and cat are travelling cross country from San Diego to Rhode Island for his new orders.  Their route had detours to the Grand Canyon, another canyon, Yellowstone Park, Mount Rushmore and then us (near Philadelphia).  They arrived in Yellowstone just as a storm hit and they have had to stay put.  They are venturing out today and hope to drive 4 hours.  Do any of you have advice on the road conditions in Montana/Wyoming/South Dakota.  It sounds like some roads are still closed today.  They are driving a Yaris and Prius.  I have been reading those parts of I90 have been closed and I am really nervous.

Comment by T-Lynn on April 15, 2022 at 9:31pm


Blondie - thanks for the warning. Yes, I teared up. But what fun - "Nana - you hair is all wet!". What a memory. Blondie - I started a Good Thing journal.  In it I ONLY write down good - fun - wonderful things that happened . Example: when Emma told us "I'm a little piggy." When I have a hurtful moment - I go and read those.. And I forgot about you going to DC. And you KNOW she will ask to go.  Just be ready.  And have a good trip too.

So there is a high school student coming in and helping - awesome!  Maybe they will hire!

Thank you and Blessing to you and all the Navy Moms to have a wonderful Easter/  

Hugs all

Comment by Blondie on April 15, 2022 at 8:26am

Happy Easter!  Hope everyone is safe and Happy and hear from those Sailors!

Same here, busy, busy. Lots of rain and storms, my yard is a mess!  Tree trimmers came in and fixed most the damage but lots to chop up and move now. and the grass is getting long but to wet to mow.  Same ole same ole. I did hire a high school student to help out at work. Seems to be picking it up quickly. 

Tear jerker here: (warning)

My 21/2 grandson has been driving us Crazy, meaning his parents and us, he starts in Friday morning asking when we are coming Every weekend!  My daughter us to make him wait till Sunday to video call us, then it was Saturday, Now Friday! "Nana when are you coming?" 

Now my 5 year old Granddaughter (Tahlia, other daughter's) Asked her Mommy when she got picked up at daycare yesterday, Do  you have a surprise for me at home? No, was I suppose to? "Where's Nana nd Papa?"  we usually pick her up on our weekends.  This is her Dad's weekend :(  So she called me last night and asked me to climb through the phone line and Hug her. (Tears pouring!)  I won't get to see you this weekend AND I miss you!  with all the drama only a 5 year old girl can do!  So I told her I'd LOVE to, I miss her to. Get ready here I come!  So her Mom right on clue did a big Splash and Tahlia was yelling No Nana you'll  get wet!  I'M IN THE TUB! My husband was in the shower so I had taken the phone in the bathroom and was sitting on the pot, he clued in and open the curtain and threw water all over me! (LMAO)  Tahlia said Nana you're hair is wet!  It was a Perfect Moment. I told her it was that big splash she should have warned me first. She said do it again, hubby and daughter are just losing it laughing. But I told her that was a lot of traveling in 1 night and Nana was Tired. Of course she knew it wasn't true but we LOVE to Dream.  When she was little I'd throw her kisses and her Mom/Dad would kiss her and tell her it was mine. Now she just catches my kisses and rubs them all over. :) Grandkids are the Best!

They are gonna watch our doggies for a couple days while we're in DC but she was confused why we wouldn't be there.  In her little mind, we wouldn't go anywhere but to see her! or Joseph and Lillianna.  Smart girl. LOL  So I'm gonna get her on Friday and we're not leaving until Saturday noon. So hopefully that makes her Happy and she doesn't cry to go with us. We distracted her with all the fun AND chores of watching the dogs and getting the mail and taking care of the house/yard.  Crossing my fingers. Originally they we're coming until we left. 

Well gotta run, patients arriving! 

Comment by T-Lynn on March 26, 2022 at 1:48pm


Blondie - the Bees have just flown the white flag. They said you WIN. The term Busy Bee belongs to Blondie! Funny, I think the Energizer Bunny did that too.

I am so glad you all were safe. That was too close. This year I have a gut feeling that our weather is going to be weird until Autumn. We had snow again. WE had one day of 74 - then it dropped and dropped  - rained and now snow.  

You might have to set your doctor's down and really have a heart to heart chat with them. What will they do if you really had to be gone for a while?  And while you are talking with them - you need a raise too.

I think Lady Karma had a hand in the bank needed YOU along to help your daughters with the bonds. That guaranteed you TIME to be out with your daughters !!!! Girl Time. Your bosses can't say you were out playing hooky.

Conor must be so tall now. Wow - what wonderful memories of him growing up. And T- has lost another tooth. Tooth Fairy must be busy at her home.  But yes, were is that time gone to.

Hey, need to split - laundry Fairy is visiting. 

All take care - hugs

Comment by Blondie on March 25, 2022 at 9:40am

DramaSoul, I LOVE the count down, betcha can't wait!!!  

We had Storms again Wed. Tornado 5-6 miles from us. I'd just got home from work and had let the doggies out. Heard a Terrible Loud noise, rain for the door 1 dog was looking in bay window and other jumping on back legs looking in door window. Pouring rain by the time I got them in!  They were glued against me, could hardly walk. So I sat in recliner and loved on them, Titus's head went up and looked out North window, so I looked to see what had his interest. Yep, there she blew. Took out a barn, messed up 2 more and a woods.  Hubby was in such a hurry to come home he took back road to stay away from flashing lights. But we were fine, safe at home, So GLAD he wasn't 5 mins sooner! 

Work has been Crazy busy of course Cindy is gone this week. She had this trip planned before we hired her.  I'm too old to hand 3 and 4 Practitioners at once! Especially when 2 of them are being Difficult, canceling days, changing hours and don't want to help call pts./clients. 1 even worked through lunch and then complained I didn't stay, I HAD to go to Post office (for her) and Bank and home to let my dogs out!  AND get away from HER for a few mins.!  Where's the Appreciation?! 

Talked to both doctors about getting another part-time help to help Cindy when I'm on vacation, BECAUSE I am going!  Also she can have My Saturdays! 

People arriving already, Geez give me some time here.  

Last weekend: good report from Finance guys, Got to have supper with Eldest son and wife, LOVED it!!  Got in before kids went to bed about an hour of play and cuddles then bedtime routine.  Sat. morning  after breakfast my 2 Daughters and I got to leave alone!  LOL, went to bank to cash in their bonds I'd bought them years ago. Because they changed they're last names, they were having problems. Seems dumb to me, Birth cert., marriage license, S.S. Card, pass port But it got us out alone!!!  LOL  Grocery shopping, a coffee stop and took lunch back.

Sorry was gone about a half hour, does that show up, all these interruptions, I just want to chat with my Pan Mom's! 

Kids weekend...  I left the chicken at home so we did tater tot casserole and hung out.  Sun. breakfast out then went to other daughter's New apartment so T could show us what they had done to the place!  LOL her words.  T lost her 2nd baby tooth and both adult teeth are poking through. How is she this old already?!

Tonight working late again but getting Connor!   Gotta go, Have a GREAT weekend, I'll try to check in next week.

Navy Mom HUGS

Comment by T-Lynn on March 24, 2022 at 10:29pm


DramaSoul - so good to hear from you

Yippe a trip coming up in 85 days to go, but right who is counting?  Us that's who !  Looking forward to hearing what a grand trip you had. 

And yes, you are so correct about the weather. It appears our weather here in the Mid West is copying yours.

Started out at 74 on Monday and now 37 and still dropping. With rain. wonder if the cars will be frozen shut again?

No news from my sailor. Its that busy time for him. And then I cam kept busy with two grandkids. 

Wish all a good rest of the week and a fun weekend.  

thanks for checking in Drama - hugs

Comment by DramaSoul on March 21, 2022 at 8:59pm

DramaSoul here..

Just checkin' in. I had FaceTime with my grandson and his parents yesterday. He is now 16 months old and boy am I havin' deja vu!  He is soooo BUSY......just like his daddy.  I am going to visit them in 87 days (but who's counting?)!

Weather is crazy all over. We just have rain. Whaddya expect in the Northwest? There's as saying here....if ya' don't like the weather, wait 10 minutes. It can be sunny and then hail, rain or snow...depending on the whims of Mother Nature. Right now? Just rain. 

I read and don't post. Everyone stay safe out there!

Big Navy Mom Hugs!

Comment by T-Lynn on March 21, 2022 at 8:03pm


Yes, thank you - a very nice Monday. We had 74 degree weather. And the grandkids played outside with bubbles. 

But as you stated Miss - tomorrow we start to drop in temp and have rain.  Now we have NOTHING like you are expecting.  Please keep an eye out. And have some items ready for an emergency.  Just not an easy feeling. - sorry, not trying to scare. Keep us posted on your weather and if your hubby gets the all ok for his knees.  If he does - plan a date night to celebrate.  

And I am right with you in the NEED to do something.  My horizon expanded too.

Need to get along 

Hugs all

AND check in ladies   ROLL CALL !!!!!

Comment by Mississippi Mom on March 21, 2022 at 11:59am

Good Monday morning! 

T-Lynn, I was crappie fishing, my son and hubby were bass fishing.  Our son caught 2 bass, and that was it for the day.  It was so pretty and so relaxing, so everything was good.  I want to go back and make them both fish for crappie.   We do love to eat crappie. 

 It is another beautiful day in the South, but we have storms moving in tomorrow afternoon with threats of tornadoes and heavy rain.  I would love to be off today working in my yard.   My hubby is going to his Dr. today to have knees checked, and he is hoping he dismisses him today.  He is doing really good.  We walked 2 miles yesterday after church.  It was so nice outside.  My guys are going fishing this afternoon when D. gets backs from the Dr.  I am going to try to walk again this afternoon.  I have gained so much weight that I have to do something.  

Blondie, as soon as you have time, give us an update on your weekend. 

Kim, so happy for your son and so thankful that you daughter-in-law treatments are over. 

I hope everyone has a great Monday.  

Comment by T-Lynn on March 18, 2022 at 8:21pm


WOW - I still have wonderful chills just from reading your wonderful weekend Blondie !!!! How perfect and you were the one served !!!!! Yes, you need another one. I totally agree with Miss.

Fishing - trout, catfish,...?  Well, what ever they are - have fun! Do you have hushpuppies with your fish?

I talked with sailor - its Okinawa where he will be stations. And now - maybe going early. Navy Time = frustrating time

Yes, another sailor in the family.  Keep you all posted.  I just might become a Long Running Pan Mom!

Well, its the Full moon and naturally - its overcast and cold and raining! Oh well, its a hot chocolate - popcorn movie night  



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