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Hi, I am from Brevard. My daughter just left for BC 5 days ago. I would love to find some new friends are going through the same things I am going through. I am coping better than I thought I would but I hate the waiting. My eyes still fill with tears every time someone asks me how I am. I feel so alone... So if anyone else is going through this and wants to chat just let me know.

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Hi Lala,
I remember those days of waiting. At the time, it was a long wait. Realize that your daughter is fine; she will stay busy learning new things and is being cared for. Your adjustment may be harder because you are at home, realizing how empty your home is without her. Have you been on the boot camp mom's site? It is a great group to join because the other moms are going through the same thing.I live in Asheville and have thought about planning a WNC moms' meet and eat. Would you be interested? I thought we could get together on a Saturday noon or a weekday evening. Let me know. Hang in there. You will both be stronger for it in the long run.
Hi Becky,
Thanks so much for your encouraging words. Tomorrow will be one week since I saw her. It is weird in some ways the time has passed very quickly but in other ways it seems like she has been gone for weeks and weeks. I am hoping to get her "box" tomorrow. I really don't think it will come today because it is a holiday. I am going to call her recruiter and see if he has an address yet. I would be interested in meeting for lunch or dinner. Just let me know when and where. It would be great to talk to others who are or have gone through this. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Lala. I live in Asheville and my son's PIR was in January 2010. I know how you are feeling and I can say that without the wonderful ladies on N4M I wouldn't have made it through. Becky is right. Your daughter is okay. My son had a hard time for the first few weeks but things got better. Don't worry if you get sad letters from her at first. That is very common. Her letters will get better as the weeks go by. You will hear the change in her. She will go from being a child to a Sailor before your eyes! You just hang in there. My husband started marking the days off on the calender when our son left and it really helped to see the days counting down to his PIR. Stay on N4M cause you will find alot of comfort here from moms that have " been there,done that"!! Remember, you are probably having a harder time with this than your daughter so keep your head up!!
Hey Ladies, I live in Morganton, and my son's PIR was in November. I know exactly what you are going through. Hang in there it does get better :).

Becky, I was just thinking of trying to get a Meet and Greet/eat together for WNC also. I saw where you can get a kit for the meet, and I think that would be wonderful. Saturday noon would be great for me. Or maybe a weeknight depending on where it was held.

Lala, I noticed in you post you have your e-mail and phone number posted, as this is part of the world wide web, it would be a good idea to remove this information for safety reasons. Friends can send you an e-mail via N4M to get your personal e-mail and phone number. Don't mean to sound bossy or anything, but I have read alot of post from the admin. about posting this type of information. Hope you understand.

So back to Becky's post if anyone is interesting in getting together let us know and we can start planning it. I say we as it may take more than one person to get it together, we just need to decide Who will do it and then go from there.

Have a Blessed Day
Navy Hugs to All
Thanks so much, I thought for some reason this was sent to a private message. I am still trying to figure this site out. Glad to have friends out there keeping me safe or at least trying to.
Hey Lala- hope all is well with you and you've recuperated from your trip. sorry you didn't get to see her before she flew out that stinks. and I'm like you hope they stop that practice. I know they probably don't really care, but I'm sure there were a bunch of parents, spouses etc that were in the same boat as you and didn't appreciate that at all.
I'm really surprised it took you that long to get to and from Chi, altho weather does play a big part. I'm from Louisville, I can get there is just shy of 7 hours (with a couple short stops) and I think it's about 5 from there to chi, we plan on leaving about 5AM on the first and driving straight there, but staying over in Louisville on the way back and coming in on Monday. I drive long distances quite often and it isn't a big deal. Man the weather has been so strange this year. first the unbeleivable winter and now summer is so stinking hot. I wish it would level o ut so we could all enjoy our summer and praying winter gives us a break this year!!! Hoping for a letter this week, I've gotten a short phone call on Fri, but still need my letter !!! (never happy I tell ya). I think when boot camp is over I won't be as miserable as she will have her cell and her computer and I can at least have somewhat of normal conversations with her a couple times a week anyway. My daughter Courtney is such a remarkable young woman, having a hard time not referring to her as a kid, which she certainly is not anymore!!! She was an honors student in HS, just graduated in June, all honors and college classes, ended up graduating #3 in her class, and with all that did NOT wualify for one scholarship for college. She had been accepted to UNCG and had hoped for a career in art and minor in dance. So when all was said and done and she figured what her college career was going to cost her in student loans, she didn't want to start her adult life in debt, so re-addressed the navy (as she had thought about it somewhat about a year ago). She liked what she found when researching and got the job she wanted CTT, although really would have liked CTI more, but is happy with this choice.
She signed for 6 years and is excitedly anticipating her career. She loves to travel and loves languages, she has 3 of spanish and 2 of german to date. so I think she will do well in the Navy, AFTER boot camp! I"m sure she is doing well there too, but will be a lot happier when she stops getting yelled at all the time, she did say on Friday she understands why they yell and is trying to not take it personally.... She is an incredible dancer as well as being a smartie! and naturally talented artist as well. She is very artsy-fartsy. But the poor little kid has NO common sense to speak of.. she and her 2 girlfriends went to FL for a week after graduation and they are the 3 smartest kids in their school and could n't find their way out of a paperbag with both ends open. sheesh. but got there and back with no major catastophies so that was great and they had a great time. please email and let me know about your sailor and whats happening in your end of NC. Hope sometime we can get together!!!
Good morning Peggy. I didn't expect the trip to take that long either. Google said it was 12 hours so I figured 13 with quick stops and at the most 14. There was of course some road construction and that added probably an hour to the trip up there. When we got to the south side of Chicago we saw signs for hwy 41 and took that exit, not realizing that the interstate would turn into 41. That took us all the way through downtown Chicago on the side of Lake Michigan. So that added probably another couple of hours to our trip. I am glad now we went that way, otherwise we would not have seen the lake or the Navy Pier and some very beautiful buildings. It was exciting. My son was taking pics all the way through and I was so worried he would drop my camera out the window lol. On our way back I think we wouldn't have had much trouble at all if it had not rained. It took 4 hours to go 35 miles. That part was horrible. The water we went through on a couple of streets was up to my headlights and that caused my car to keep trying to stall and my breaks got wet and made an awful sound and made it hard to stop. We also stopped more than we usually do to go to the bathroom and stretch our legs. My dad is a diabetic and just finished treatments for prostate cancer in January. He made the trip with me because my fiance could not get off work and he was very happy to see his granddaughter graduate. I am so glad he went, he stayed awake the whole time I was driving telling me stories from long ago, some of them twice, lol. By doing this he kept me awake, well him and a lot of Mt Dew. It gave us a chance to spend some time together. I had not been on a long road trip with him since I was a kid and most of those I slept through.
My daughter was and is very smart like your daughter. She did get 119K in scholarships that would have paid almost all of her college expenses at Mars Hill for 4 years. She went for 2 years but was never happy there. She was tired of the small school environment and wanted something more. They also didn't have many of the classes she needed for pre-med and had to take classes she didn't really need. She had a hard time making herself go to her early morning classes didn't do near as well as she was capable of doing. She decided she needed something different, something that would make her get up and kick her butt into gear and she found that to be the Navy. I am glad she did it but I am not happy about the amount of time we will not get to see her. We have always been a very close family. I have lived in the same town since I was born and until last yr I lived next door to my parents almost my whole life. I always thought my children would grow up and live close by and I would have grandchildren around all the time. But things never really turn out like you think and she has her own life to live. I miss her so much all the time. I guess I better get used to it. She has always liked to travel and I often told her she better pick a high paying career because she was high maintenance lol. I don't expect the Navy would be considered a high paying career but it does have the travel part so I guess it will get her what she wants.
Do you still have other kids at home? My youngest son will be 17 this week. He wants to join the Coast Guard so maybe I will be going through all this again. Your daughter sounds a lot like mine, thank God they have GPS on phones now or they would never find their way out of that paper bag lol. Talk soon, Lora

Hello, I am from Hendersonville.  Just was wondering if any of you all are still in this group.  I would love to get to know you.  My son is a hospital corpsman (doc).  He has been in for 6 years.  He is stationed at Camp Lejeune. 

I hope we can meet up one day. 

Thank you,


Hey I just saw this post as I haven't been on here in a while, I am just down the mountain from you. 

Hi JoAn, I am still very active on this site, just haven't checked this page in a while. I was in Hendersonville last night lol, we went to outback for dinner. We definitely need to get together one day. Here is my business email so you can email me and we will exchange numbers:

I look forward to hearing from you soon :-)



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