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Welcome to the Division Discussion for Divisions 123 and 124

These two divisions are brother divisions and will be training together from the beginning through BS21 their final test. Your SRs, soon to be SAILORS, are becoming friends, and some of them may be heading to A School together.

Get to know each other, your SRs are!

Please still use the Main Wall of the PIR Group to post questions, and concerns, we “veteran” moms don’t always get to into the discussion area as often as we would like.

Every single question that is asked is important Every single concern is genuine Every single member is important to us We don't want to accidentally overlook any of them or you.

Hang in there!!!

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About my SR- My seaman recruit's name is Kevin and he's Ship 003 Division 123. He left from Baltimore on Jan 23, 2013 in the p.m. I got my Kid In a Box 1/29/13 with everything he left with.  The day after ( 1/30/13) I got a form letter with his PIR date and official mailing address ( which differed slightly than what his recruiting officer had given us). I got my first call yesterday morning 2/1/13, much sooner than I was told! It came in the morning around 10, EST and we were disconnected several times and he had to hang up once. Once he was finally thru he had roughly twenty minutes to talk. He sounded happy, he said his division was a great bunch, everyone coming together nicely and that more than anything he wanted to see our faces and the best thing I could send was a collage of photographs on standard paper. He did say that they started with 92 recruits and were down to 87, mostly due to the flu. He did not mention anyone by name in particular, but did say he'd been talking with a guy from the Philly area. He also loved the food! My father in law, ex Navy, wondered what had changed since his days in service :)

About me- My name is Cathy (I'm Kevins mom) and we live in Wilmington DE, with my husband Matt and 5 furry kids. We'd suggested the Navy to Kevin when he was fresh out of high school but at that time he had no real interest ( or so we'd thought!). He's a few years older now and much more mature, with a few years living away from home under his belt. The time was right and he did it and we couldn't be prouder! We do plan on going to his graduation in March, just unsure how it's going to be done just yet. If I have to hitch a ride on a passing freight liner, I will do it- I am going to be there! I'm not good on planes so at the moment I'm pricing alternatives. However we get there, I look forward to meeting the families & loves of Division 123/124.

Hello to all!  My name is Leslie and live in AL.  My son left on Jan, 23 2013 and I received my box on Jan. 29.  I have not received my Form Letter yet in the mail.  I notice Cathy said she received hers the day after the box, but other areas on the site shows it would take up to a week after the box arrives.  My SR's name is Michael and he's Ship 03 Div 124.  I received a ten minute call from him yesterday (Feb 2)!  I was surprised and pleased, as I wasn't expecting one this soon.  He informed me of his address.  He told me he became ill on the 3rd day (sounded  like stomach virus).  He sounded happy and seemed confident he was doing well.  I am glad to have read Cathy's note above as we were initally thinking his PIR date would be 3/15, but since he left AL the day after a holiday (Martin Luther King's birthday), this probably put him in the next week's group. 

I plan on either driving or flying, but there will be three or four of us coming to the ceremony.  I will have to check out the air fares as soon as I get the projected PIR date in the Form Letter.  My son is familiar with military lifestyle as his father was retired Army.  I think he always wanted to follow his dad's calling.  I look forward to meeting all of the families of Div 123/124.

I need to correct the date of his first phone call- it was 2/2/13 and the anticipated PIR date is 3/22/13.

Hi Deleware Mom, just wondering how you are doing?  Have you figured out plans for 

PIR yet?  Coming fast.  Our sons left the same day and they are in same division, wonder if they know each other,  Will you be going to Sarge's meet and greet Thursday night, if so, we'll meet there for sure.  Hang in theorem Tammy

Hi to Everyone - My son, Nick, is also in Ship 03, Div. 123.  We live in RI and he flew out of Boston on 1/23/13.  I received his 'kid in the box' last Tuesday (6 days later) and his official form letter on Thursday.  I have to say, I never got a box of dirty laundry in the mail before!  He called me unexpectedly yesterday morning as well, I was in Target and almost began to cry. The first call lasted about 40 seconds and he said he'd call me right back. He did so about 3 min. later saying they had to move to different phones.  It was a brief call :( , I'm thinking he was one of the first to call since he said there was line of other recruits waiting to call. Anyway, he sounded great, upbeat, positive, happy!! He said the food was pretty good, was sleeping OK, had a head cold and mentioned a lot of them were sick. Talked about the numerous vaccines they got the first week and what that week was like.  I've never been so happy to hear his voice!  Amazing how a 3 min. call can touch your soul!    I've booked my Southwest Flight to Midway for Thursday, 3/21 - Sunday.  Have no idea about A school so probably will change my return flight.  Also booked the Navy Lodge.  I will be attending PIR alone so I am really looking forward to meeting some other moms and families at the Meet and Greet  or at the Navy Lodge!  Look for me! 

Hello Everyone, My SR left from Pheonix AZ on Jan 23rd, I received the box on the 30th and the form letter also that same day. I received my first call on Feb 2 about 8:15am I was at work in a meeting, my boss has allwowed me to carry my phone with me while my son is away at BC, I heard his voice and burst out in tears not being able to hear him for 10 days drove me absolutely crazy. He sounded good a little stuffy but very excited, he said the food was good and he was eating well. He was able to talk to me for 20 mins then called his father and his stepfather. He said his Div 03 Ship 123 was doing good and they were all working together. We bought our flight tickets on the 30th thru American and made our reservation at the Navy Lodge, we will be arriving on the 3-21 and leaving on 3-25, since his A school will be in GL and he will not have to fly out. I am counting the days when I can see him and be able to hug and give him tons of kisses from his mom. I miss him very very much, I know this is what he wanted and this is whats keeping me going knowing he's doing something he really wants to do. I hope everyone has been able to hear from their SR Just hearing his voice has put me at ease knowing he's ok.

Hello, my brother Nick is in 03 div 123. We live in Pittsburgh, PA. My mom I not the most tech savy person so I've been following everything and letting her know what I find. My parents, my other younger brother, and I plan to attend PIR. We received Nicks stuff last Tuesday, and his letter Wednesday. We received his phone call around 9:45am on Saturday. He was homesick since he's never been away from family. I hope him talking to my mom for about 20 minutes will help him. I am 22 years old, but it may not always seem like it. I'm sorry in advance. We plan to stay the 21-25, not sure where yet. We also don't know where he will be for A school so we haven't booked yet just in case. We are going to wait for a letter from him. My letter to him asked him to please let me know where he will be as soon as he knows.

I also apologize for this being so choppy. I am writing it with my iPod and I'm still learning the website and the iPod. I don't really know how to adequately go back and add more so I've written as I thought about it.

Hi Stephany, my son is also Nick is the same division - wonder how many Nicks there are!  We are from RI.  MIssed my sons call today, was outside shoveling the 26 inches of snow we got in the blizzard.....I am so bummed and sad!  How is your brother doing?  Hope your family is doing well.  Perhaps we will meet up at the Meet and Greet on Thursday, 3/21!  Take care, Tammy

Has anyone received any mail yet?

I talked to my SR this past Saturday 2/2/13 around 10 a.m.  Talked about 10  minutes.  He said that he would be allowed to write the next day (Sunday), so I am hopeful I will get a letter with the next day or so.  I mailed one to him yesterday, as well.  I went ahead and booked our room last night because I feared that they may go fast.  We are staying at the Holiday Inn Express from 3/21 - 3/23.  I have read that his particular A school will be in Virginia; but if we find out differently, of course we will stay through Sunday.  This hotel had a special package for our SRs (including a shuttle to the PIR). 


Hello, My son Matt ship 03 div123/124. PIR 3/22. Left on Jan 23, 2013. We are from WV. He's 19 and this is his first time away from home. I am very proud of him and his choice for joining the Navy( my Dad is a Navy vet)I received his call on 2/2 and he was sick with Bronchitis and sounded down. Said it was harder than what he thought it was going to be. Trying to stay positive for him.


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