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I received a call from my son that he has a fractured fibia and has been removed from his division, six days before PIR. He's supposed to see an osteopath tomorrow (Wednesday.)

Anyone know if seeing an Osteopath is standard procedure for SRs?

Anyone know what, if anything, we can send to him other than letters? He's likely crawling up the walls already.

His RDC called his recruiter to notify the recruiter of the division move and hopefully we'll get more information from the recruiter, but the lack of detailed information is killing us. Is there a source for information I'm missing?

Thanks in advance!


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My SR broke his ankle 2 weeks before PIR and has been in RCU  since December.  I know how you are feeling with the lack of details.  I've search and search for information and couldn't find much.  Here's what I do know.  You can't send them puzzle books or any care packages. You can send cards and letters. My SR needed to finish his run test, fire fighting test, and battle stations for PIR.  So he will do all of his healing in a cast and begin a 4 stage physical therapy that he must "test" out of before he can be placed back in the division to complete his boot camp.  We still are unclear as to when he will be placed in a division and IF he will even participate in the PIR ceremony.  So far he has been able to call on Sundays every 3 weeks. It is hard knowing your child is hurt and you can't be there to hug them or even know what the doctor says. I had to trust that he is getting the best possible care and just keep the letters going and wait for the calls. 

If you have any questions, I will be happy to answer from what I know from my experience. 

Hi BlakesMom--

Just got the first call from my son in RCU. He says it's a lot like a POW camp except they get fed. Don't know how much of that was irony and fact.

Factually, I can't send him anything but letters and cards. No books, etc. He's been in RCU since the 21st of Feb and though he's heard that TV is allowed sometimes, he's yet to see it happen. No music ever, no books and limited murmured conversations.

He's happy that his doc wrote on his chit that he's allowed to do to pull-ups, sit-ups and modified push-ups as long as he has a spotter for the pull-ups to catch him if he slips and may come down on his fractured leg.

He warned me that the first half of his first letter from RCU is going to sound really bad but he's rallied. He isn't being forced out with a medical discharge, isn't being forced out of his desired career plan and if he can wait out the Nurse Ratchets for four weeks instead of the previously indicated two weeks, he can get out of there and PIR and move across the street for a little while. He's probably going to be put on hold because he's lost so much muscle mass already and continues to lose it but he's going on.

So that's my latest update.

Great News about the call Sarah's Human! 

My SR hasn't seen a TV either.  Says they have lights out at 2200 and out of the bunk by 0600. Mine goes back to the Dr this Friday and we are hoping he is healed enough to get out of the cast and in the walking boot.  Once he is in the walking boot he can start his physical therapy.  I am worried about the loss of muscle mass and the endurance for his run.  The run was the only monkey on his back before he broke his ankle, now I worry he won't make time after all this down time. 

Mine told me he would probably be held back after basic to build his endurance and muscle mass back up. That happens anyway but his will probably be longer.

His numbers were auto-qual except the run which was close, and we're hoping his chance to begin limited exercise before discharge will limit that delay. But there's really nothing he can do about it.

All we can do is hang in there. Harder than it sounds, right?

If it is any comfort, my SR said they won't let him advance out of RCU until he can run 7 laps in 7 mins.  He did mention one SR that has been in RCU for 11 months, so there really is no time frame for how long they will keep them there.  I've got myself convinced that they have their best interest in mind too.  It is what keeps my sanity.  And you are right....hanging in there is the only option we have.  So glad you posted, I was feeling like the only one who had a SR stuck in limbo.

Kinda what I imagine Purgatory to be like. If I end up there at least I'll have a nodding acquaintance with it.

If it helps, when our ds was in 2341, I bought some books and ripped out and sent 10-20 pages at a time to him. One book was humor in uniform, one was inspirational, one was sci-fi, one was mystery. I also sent newspaper clippings and comic strips. He wasn't in RCU long but really liked all that. He said it made the time passing easier.


I've been doing that with puzzles, both printed from online sources and cut out of books. He enjoys those. I don't yet know if he's received any or if he's gotten into trouble over it. I hope he hasn't been disciplined for it and I won't know until I get a letter or he calls. Letters come when they come and the next scheduled call is 9 days. :(

It's hard.

This is good to know.  My SR landed in RCU a week ago for really bad shin splints and I guess his femurs were starting to misshapen as a result.  He said 6 weeks.  I have no idea if that's estimated healing time or what.  He had been on light duty for 2 weeks prior.  I' also glad to hear the idea about sending part of books.  I think we will try to find a digital copy to print pages out of.  I am hoping he is still able to do any pt,  though like many of you I am most nervous about the run.  I was wondering if they do rehab to build them back up before cyclng them out.  Does anyone know how that looks,  when the get out of RCU? Do they repeat 4 weeks of bootcamp or does it depend?  Thanks!

What I've been told is that they return to the same point of training at which they were removed, provided there is a division they can ASMO into. In our case, that means our son will have six days left when he leaves RCU. He could be delayed if he can't get into a unit that is in the same place in the training regimen but it won't be much of a delay, a week or two at most.

I do know that they don't have to repeat ALL of boot camp.

I think allowed physical training is determined based on the injury. Because my son fractured his fibia he won't have to have any physical therapy at all and he's allowed to do sit ups, modified push ups and pull-ups with a spotter. He already passed the PST so that isn't a problem for him.

Once the boot comes off he's fit for full duty and back at it. I don't know if that's typical but I'm guessing it all depends on the nature of the injury.

@NavyMom17 - Not sure if this applies to all, but because of the extent of my SR's injury (fractured lateral mallieous, broke the ball at the ankle) he has been in a cast for 8 weeks and transitioned in a walking boot on Friday.  He will begin physical therapy and must be able to complete 7 laps in 7 mins before they will return him to a division. He has 14 days left in his boot camp training. That being said he has 14 days in boot camp to build his endurance to finish the 1 1/2 mile in 12:15 or he could be sent to FIT for 21 days, which is also in RCU. I would hope they transitioned your SR with the same care.

But to answer your question, no he shouldn't have to start over.

I just wanted to check in -- I hope your kids are doing well.


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