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Comment by jacksmom17 just nowDelete Comment

I feel like crying, but I guess I should wait until my son actually leaves. He doesn't leave until October 5 and I already miss him. I've been reading about what to do the month before my FS leaves, and I've been doing a lot of deep breaths. Just yesterday I was bringing my baby home from the adoption agency. And today he is 18 and ready for RTC.  I am beyond proud of him, but sad for me. Thank you for having this blog to bring me comfort and support.  Another thing I am worried about is A school. He scored high enough for Nukes, but I'm not sure how he will do there. I know I need to give him to God and not worry about it. Like someone said, I need to take one day at a time.  Is anyone else's child leaving October 5, and going to Nukes for A School?  I would love to hear your thoughts and maybe we could help each other through. I am tearing up, but I know he really wants this.

Thanks for all  your support,


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Comment by partyofseven on August 31, 2020 at 6:07pm

jacksmom17 Hey,

It will be ok. This is going to be a roller coaster ride of emotions for you. We have all been where you are and I won't lie it is hard the first few weeks are the hardest but YOU WILL MAKE IT. YOU WILL BECOME STRONGER ALONG WITH YOUR SON!!!

You see boot camp is for us parents to. It helps to prepare us for this emotional journey that our kids are going on. You will feel so many emotions ranging from crying, sad, to proud, happy and you will feel like your heart is going to burst because you are so full of pride!!!

If your SR (Seaman Recruit) is slated for Nuke school Chipmunk and B'sNukeMom MMN is the women to talk to. They both have had their Sailor's go thru Nuke school and Chipmunk's Sailor is out on the fleet now.

They are wonderful women and full of knowledge and just generally good people that are willingly to help out all the new moms on here.  :) They both have helped me at one time or another when mine was in. Chipmunk and I stayed on after our's graduated PIR and ours have been in for 3 years now.  :) 

You will be in good hands during your time on here. No question is ever dumb and someone will answer you.   :)

Comment by B'sNukeMoM⚓️MMN(Vet) on August 31, 2020 at 7:15pm

Definitely join our Nuke moms group - I left the link in a message on your page.

Also, here's the link to the October DEP group:  It's not real active but you might find some helpful info there.

DEP Leaving in October  

Use the time before your son leaves to make some lasting memories.  And make sure he's as ready as he can be before he leaves!

Comment by jacksmom17 on August 31, 2020 at 7:28pm

Thank you for your response.  I am so comforted by it. I know I will make it through, it is just the anticipation of the moment. I am unbelievably proud and sad and proud and scared and proud and frightened and...and... and....I am a teacher and I started distance learning with my students last week. I feel like the time is already slipping away. I have so much to prepare for school that I need to MAKE this month s  t   r   e   t   c   h  as long as it can.  Anyways, thank you.

Comment by hugabugs on September 2, 2020 at 1:07am

I know completely how you feel. In the weeks and months leading up to my son's ship date (Aug. 11) I felt like I was slowly drowning. I kept thinking of my little baby boy and it was killing me. What God showed me, is that my son is not that boy any more. Navy or not, he is a man, and it is just time to let him go. It's just that this is a really sharp break. Kids who go to college or start working break away gradually. The military makes a very sharp break and it sure hurts us Moms. But our sons are off on an adventure and we, if we are religious, have to trust that God is giving them what they need.  Even for those who are not religious, we know they are following their dreams, walking into their service to our nation with their eyes open wide. So we have good reason to be bursting with pride. Let yourself cry. Lord knows, it just comes anyway. But soon we will see them working and serving and hopefully, we can visit them. I am still waiting for my son to send the form letter so I can write. I'm on pins and needles waiting. The other Moms have said this is the hardest part. I sure hope so..

Comment by jacksmom17 on September 2, 2020 at 3:36pm

Thank you for your support. I never thought I would need a support group in my life, but I feel blessed to have so many wonderful friends in my life, and now you, who has endured (sounds so drastic) what I'm not looking forward to. I was talking to Jack yesterday and at one of the DEP meetings he had someone was asking anyone else if they were nervous. Jack said he wasn't until everyone started sharing about it. I'm trying to be strong for his sake. But its killing me.  It is just wha he needs and I know it.  Another things is that he signed up for 6 years and he is only 18.  He will be 19 in January.  I don't know the next time we will be able to see him.  He is going to Nukes for A School. We live in southern California and Nuke School is in South Carolina. You'll have to keep me posted on yours son's progress. You said he left Aug.11? He must be in his first week in Illinois. Where did he quarantine? Ft. McCoy?  Thanks again for your time and comfort.



Comment by Chipmunk on September 2, 2020 at 5:33pm

jacksmom17 - Hi, I am sorry I did not see your message yesterday. - Summers always go way to fast for me and I am actually having more issues over this being my youngest's (#5) senior year of HS than I did with #4 going off to BC. But I had a lot of life changes that had already occurred in my family prior to my son leaving. Deaths of several immediate family members (parents, etc.) and our oldest daughter married right before my son left (end of June after he graduated from HS) and then another daughter married the weekend before his PIR. I don't think I really had time to dwell too much on his leaving and we didn't have COVID. I knew I would see him at PIR and A school, then Power School (PS) and Prototype graduation. So much is different now and the uncertainty is the hardest. I wish I could say, "it will all work out" but I can't. So figure out how to Skype, or Facetime or Google Hangouts now, whatever will work. 

Make sure you have Power of Attorney paperwork done, access to bank accounts, have him get his passport (we did my son's at a local university that had a dedicated passport office and it was much faster than doing it at the PO - that could literally take all day) - you will want to have it mailed to you, but then he will have one.  - With all of the COVID restrictions, figure out how easy it will be for him to deal with CA driver's license vs SC and also car insurance. He does not need a car yet - but when he starts Prototype he will need to have a vehicle (we just had some recent comments in the Nuke Mom group about that). So, also make sure he has his driver's license before he goes to BC - trying to get it during school is a pain!  

As for him being able to do Nuke School - is this what he wanted to sign up for, or did he just get pushed into it by the recruiters? It is what his contract is for, but they do rerate sailors if it doesn't seem to be working out - however, he will have to pay back bonuses - Mostly, just remind him that no matter what, you are proud of him and always there for him. - Also, Nuke school is strict, things like underage drinking, lying, cheating,  obeying COVID restrictions, etc - don't float  there - other sailors might get away with stuff but not in Nuke school!  They are expected to perform at a much higher standard on all fronts. They have high standards but attitude plays a huge part in getting through, according to my son. Also, he was only 18 when he went in the end of June and turned 19 that fall. Thankfully, last year, we were able to fly out for his 21st birthday. The 3rd one he has had while in the Navy. 

Also make sure your son is keeping up with his push-ups, (now they are doing planks, I believe) and his running - because he will have PT 1-2x/ week in school as well as a 5K run 1x/week, if they are still doing it. 

I may have overloaded you more than encouraged you - but hopefully, I gave you some things to talk to him about and discuss before he leaves. As Partyofseven said, my son is in the fleet now, he is actually working on his senior qualifications as an ETN. Everything they do from day 1 at BC on through the Nuke Pipeline - prepares them for the next step but it is hard and it is tough - if he has any difficulty, remind him that he can always go talk to the chaplain (they are the "safe" person for all sailors.). 

Comment by belovedbyHim on September 3, 2020 at 8:56pm

jacksmom17 -- Please join us on the main Boot Camp moms page.  I also have a blog that will give you an idea of what to expect for the first few weeks. We are glad you found us.  We all have trouble letting our kids go.  Mine got us to let him sign up during his Junior year so he was in DEP his whole Senior Year.  He didn't turn 19 until right before he finished A school! Yes, Boot camp is a hard break but it is also character building and it reveals how strong we really are.  You have raised a young man who is willing to put the needs of others over his own.  He will gain much from his time in service and it will change him if he is willing to learn the lessons the Navy is trying to teach.  You have been given some very important information on here from some of our other moms.  You may not find many DEP Moms on here just yet since most don't come looking for us until after or right as their sailor is leaving. (Denial isn't just a river in Egypt!!)  We may not be where you are but we do understand where you are.  You are not alone, You are part of the Navy family and never abandon shipmates!(or their moms!)

First Things First-- The Quarantine Edition

The link to the Moms page is here:


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