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When I am looking for a particular one...I type in "Smiley laughing (or whatever)" or "animated smiley________" or "________emoticon" in my search engine...then I just start looking at the safe sites for what I want.

here are some of the sites I use:


I love this little guy as he hugs the mail box after he reads a letter!

Animated Smiley at mailbox-hugs it!

Box delivery:

Smiley box delivery

Note: Not all of these are "clean" or "nice"...sorry...just skip the ones you don't like!

Smiley gallery


Some you can just copy and paste (some won't) and some you have a html code so you have to embed them. Just copy the html code, click the embed box (third one over in the comment box taskbar) and paste into the embed box. Click save.

**Photobucket has changed their format so if it is on there I cannot get a html code...and have not figured out how to use the others on there. Thery are just links. SO, what I do with Photobucket ones is I save them to my Pictures Library on my Computer and hope that the animation will come though when I post using the "Image Feature" . LOOK in between the Lifesaver pics to see how to save a picture on your Pictures Library and use the "Image Feature.

For some of the pictures I find, I just do a search.

F'rinstance...someone said we veterans were lifesavers...I was feeling silly (as usual) and entered, "Lifesaver images" into my search engine. Lots came up...I chose to just post this:

I just copied and pasted it. That's why it's SO BIG.

Now, if I wanted to resize it:

I would "Save Picture As..." on my Picture library on my computer and use the "Images" icon to load it from the task bar in the comment box. It's the second one over next to "link". You click it, when it comes up click "browse", find the photo on your Picture library, open it and then when it is done loading change the size of the pixels. Click ok. the case of the original, one its 264. The resized here is 150.

Or leave it!


Here is one I like about OPSEC but don't want to hurt anybody's feelings with...since I post about OPSEC at the start of a PIR group and y'all aren't exactly feeling so hot...I have kind of a dry sense of humor but don't want to inflict myself too much on y'all! But it's funny...

Okay...I found the really clean version of this...insert whatever bad word you want for "shhhhhh"...they have it!

Here is another:

This one I don't get:

...'cept maybe it's cause there was a story about a momma cat putting her kittens on a Naval vessel (true story...saw the pics!) Don't qoute me on it...I could be wrong.


You didn't really think I'd just post a bunch of boring links, did you?!

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