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I thought that it would be nice to have a discussion group for our recruits that are in Ship 02 Div 921. So join in fellow Moms. Thank you.

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Thanks (((Sams mom))) I feel "left out" if you will :( I hope this will be the week! My hubby says why even bother we will see him in 33 more days!! LOL Be faster if I drive the 7hrs there to pick it up myself lol

I got a call from my son yesterday!  It was so good to here from him.  He said it was the half way mark and they are all excited about graduating soon.  Did anyone else get a call?  I almost missed it, but my husband called me and told me to stand by the phone and pick up no matter what!  Great day yesterday.

YES, we got a call too that day and we receive 3 letter's today!!Was soo nice to hear from him and hear his voice! He called at 5:45 our time, 4:45 there, and he had an hour to talk! AWESOME!!! More later as I'm multi tasking right now lol

Got a letter from my son yesterday.  I was so upset after reading that he was down becasue he had not received a letter from me for 2 weeks.  Now, I have been sending him something every other day.  I don't want him to think I have not been thinking of him when of course I have.  I hope he calls or receives all the letters I have written him soon.  He did say in his letter that he finished hell week and he felt it was easier than the first two weeks at the camp.  He also said he did great shooting the guns (scary)  Earned a ribbon.  Lastly he said his battlestation test was this sunday.  I hope he meant the 25th so we can get a phone call from him saying he is an official sailor!

Got an unexpected phone call from Brian on Sat.!! Was most exciting! I write Brian EVERY day and still had things to tell him and ask. He is doing AWSOME and he was EXCITED to tell us that he is an HONOR graduate!


Oh, I know right?!! Hard to believe we only have 5 more days! WONDERING when BS-21 is though! I thought they we're supposed to let us know by letter! Nothing.... ugh.....

Not knowing about BATTLESTATIONS isdriving me crazy!!! When will we know something??!!

Just an FYI...there is a picture of the chorus on the 3/30 group page and another on the FB page for Recruit training command.  I got to see my son's eyes for the first time in 2 months!  The FB page also has pics of the band and others in the performing group.  Check it might see your son or daughter.

We have a sailor! Ship 2 Div 921 is calling now. Hooyah!

Talked to my sailor about 30 mins ago.. Great Lakes here we come!!!!


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