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Hi, I am a Seal wannabe mom. Looking for other moms that are dreading Pre buds and then the big move to California for Buds after graduation.

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Is his address on Ohio Street? Did you get a letter today? I didn't, feeling bummed. Hopefully tomorrow. I will let yo know where we are staying in a couple of days. Waiitng to here from the other family that has a son that left with mine. I like to have a few families staying together, might be more fun.
I am a mom of a SEAL wannabe too! We just got our first "real" letter yesterday (Tuesday 9-21). We live in the Chicago area so probably received it earlier than those out of state. I'm excited but nervous for the days ahead. Counting the days till October 29th.
Congrats on those that have received letters! I am hoping for one too! About the timing for the start of Bud/s--I had heard that pre-bud/s would be around 5 weeks long. It will be hard, but I guess we will just have to sit tight and wait it out.

tsmom--sorry to hear about your son having to get his wisdom teeth out. I have heard of that happening before and it must not keep them down for very long or they would probably make the recruits do it before they ship. I'm sure he must be doing fine! No news is good news :)
Hi everyone. tsmom left a question in our Pre Buds Mom Group and since her page is private, I came searching to see if she had plugged into her PIR group and found her Divmates yet. Apparently so. :) I figured if she had questions, perhaps the rest of you did too! I spend a lot of time onsite mentoring newbies, especially Spec Ops Mm these days, so am happy to be a resource for you. Feel free to click on my icon and drop a question on my page anytime as I will probably not stay member of your PIR Group after today.

Btw: just a a minor point of clarification: this forum you are chatting on is actually considered a "Discussion", a separate "room", if you will, for your Div members to meet, compare notes and support one another. It is not a "Group", but it is under the umbrella of your PIR Group. You can create new discussions in a Group, add a countdown clock and co Admins. The creator of the discussion can only add to her intro. Hope that helps. When you are new to the N4Ms site, and new to the Navy, all the terms and lingo can be rather confusing!

Now, I am familiar with migi (we've been chatting in the main Pre Buds forum and she's part of our "Leavin' in Sept" DEP/Future Sailor subgroup), and I've helped CB Mom get settled in to the N4Ms site, she was also part of our main DEP/future Sailor gang, but the rest of you are new to me. My son is currently in BUDS training. What a ride this is!! BC is only the beginning ladies.
Ok, so about your questions sofar...Wisdom teeth removal. Often asked-and worried about. Really not a big deal. (Your guys will be going through things so much more physically difficult and painful for them than that in the weeks and months to come!!) They are given thorough medical and dental checks during their P-Week (Processing) at the beginning. If they determine it's needed, out they come. They are given a couple of days of SIQ (Sick in Quarters) and LLD (Light Limited Duty) if needed. These kids are young and strong through. :) Most kick the meds and quickly get back to training. They are pumped and don't want to miss anything! LOL It doesn't delay anything or change their training schedule and PIR date. It is a preventative precaution, they don't want a Sailor having dental issues when they are in the middle of the ocean or deployed on a Team somewhere in a remote and/or unfriendly part of the world!

Stamps: They are issued stamps, Navy stationary and envelopes there when they arrive, so no problem there. If you think yours is going to be like mine was, a regular letter writer, newsy and detailed, then by all means, send some extra stamps. I never did, and still got everything, as did Grandma and others he wrote to. I wrote him something every day. He loved it, and didn't even mind having extra "8 counts" if he got a pile in a day ("too many" and the RDCs used it as an excuse to make them drop), he said it was so worth it! LOL They LIVE for mail call!! Be aware that they typically hold Recruit mail in the first two weeks as they get them processed and acclimated, so don't be surprised if they ask why you haven't written, sound down, or don't seem aware of the news you sent. Date your letters AND number your envelopes, so they know which to read first. =)

You will probably find, since your guys should be in good shape by now, that although they will get more PT then any other Divs in their TG (i.e.Training Group-9 Divs for your PIR), they will still feel like it's not as much working out as they are used to doing and may come out really needing the 8-12 weeks of Pre Buds (BUDS prep) training to whip them back into top shape. =)

(FYI: time will tell, but since there is no winter HW (Hell Week) and training in CA, your guys may experiance a much longer time,-basically on hold in GL-in Pre Buds then usual. Last years winter BUDS Class spent 5 months there before they shipped to CA!! The plus side is that you will get them home for the holidays. :D Otherwise, for other BUDS Classes, it can be a long stretch of not seeing them at home between PIR and SQT =Seals Qualification Training-graduation!)

Your job now is to encourage them in every way possible. (Prayer is a good thing!) They will be VERY busy. Some days they may have to choose other duties, like laundry, ironing, (yes, IRONING!) watch, shoe shining and even SLEEP, over writing home, so please be patient. I know you long to hear from them, but that's the beauty of joining this Div Discussion and PIR group, you can compare calls, cards and letters home and together get a pretty good picture of what's going on. Plus you get and give know you are not alone and the only one feeling whatever you do. Each Recruit will be allowed 3 phone calls home over the course of BC, the quick and scripted"I'm here" call, the first real, longer call at about three weeks in (Sometimes their first newsy letter comes about the same time. You'll be stalking the mailman until then-and definately after!), and the wonderful "I'm a Sailor now" call after Battlestations. Beyond that, it's up to the Recruit and the Div to work as a TEAM (especially important for our Spec Ops Recruits) to earn extra call privileges. So, just because another regular Div is expecting calls on a certain dates, does not necessarily mean you should expect the same for your Div. Maybe, maybe not.

I am intrigued by the fact that you say this is an all SEALS Div! Usually our 800 Divs are ALL Spec Ops candidates, i.e. EOD, SAR, AIRR and SEAL/SWCC. They have been recruiting heavily all year for SEALS, so I'm not surprised (especially given the attrition rate of this SO Rating) that they are racking and stacking them through BC. Most Divs are comprised of about 88 Recruits, so you're right, 100 would be large for an RTC Div! Good thing you only have a medium sized TG, BUT the space in your Div specific 800 bleachers at graduation could be crowded, so I would plan to arrive at RTC for PIR morning EARLY, like 6:30 (when the gates open) to 7 at the latest. :-)

They will let you know if they are Grad and Go, which for this Group, since they are staying in GL, really only means that they may have to take time to move "across the street" (hopefully on Fri afternoon or early Sat) and then they would be released to spend the rest of the weekend with you. :D Otherwise they will do f=so the following week. Overnights are rare, but again, with that G and G scenario, they may be told that they only have to call to check in each day. So, you want them to be G and G is possible! :) For one thing, you would be able to leave all their electronics and clothing with them, instead of having to mail it lto them ater. They cannot bring anything back to the RTC BC barracks with them, items would be confiscated!

They will be told what BUDS Class # they will be part of either as PIR nears or once they report in to Pre Buds. Even then, that can always be changed. In the Navy, things often do and sometimes very quickly. There can be a back up of trainees, in GL or Coronado. If enough are med or performance rolled in CA, back to the class behind them, that Class can get overfilled and the new Sailors/trainees can be bumped back a Class as well. Some will DOR (Drop on Request) in GL and/or never make it to CA. It's a Hurry up and Wait game and mentality from here on, so wait and see how the chips fall. Stay flexible, start writing everything on your calendar in pencil! :-) It is actually not common for a Trainee to graduate from SQT with the same Class # he started with. Usually just a few do.

WOW, this is lengthier than I intended!! My apologies for the intrusion, but I hope at least some of the info is helpful to you. Again, let me know if you have any other questions. Best wishes to all your SEAL candidates. Buckle and and hang in there together!! See you on the Pre Buds Group!

p.s tsmom, may I suggest that you delete the discussion you started there now. Otherwise, other new 823s may find that instead of this one. It can get really confusing having the same BC Div Moms chatting in two different discussion forums! Would hate for you all to be split and scattered! ;-)
Angiefromwa--thank you so much for the helpful info. I think we all have so many questions, and I am so appreciative of your help and taking the time to write to us! I have a follow up question on how they go into prebuds. How many sailors are in a prebuds class? Will this large division most likely be one or two classes? What kind of contact were you able to have with your son during prebuds? Also, did your son take a car with him and if so, at what point in the training. It seems like it could be a huge distraction. Now that your son is in buds, what kind of contact with family is allowed.

Congratulations on your son making it this far! I wish him and the others all the best. :)
Thanks Brie! They are facing a (one of many to come) big and tremendously difficult hurdle this next week, so helping you gals is a nice distraction for me. :)

Glad you found the info helpful. There is so much to learn, first about the Navy in general and then about the Special Warfare Community and this path your guys have chosen specifically. The Moms ahead of you are happy to pay it forward to you all. We know at some point down the road, you will probably so the same. :-)

Pre Buds Classes are large. No real set number, but usually over 200, so yes, your son or hubby's BUDS Class will be made up of candidates from more than one BC Div, plus guys from the Fleet, rollbacks from other Classes and even a few Officers from the Naval Academy. By the time they reach HW though, they are trimmed down to about half, or less, of the number they started with!

Btw: ALL-one thing you all need to be mindful of from here on is giving TMI, about you, your Recruit/Sailor, and especially about the specifics of their training and timeline/events. What I gave you above is pretty general, and truthfully, almost stretches into that no no territory. I of course, know the actual numbers of my son's Class, how many they started with, how many they've lost along the way sofar and when, how many they needed to have it down to before they Phased Up, and before HW, but those kinds of things, if anyone is even willing to share them, would only be shared in a PM or offsite via private e-mail.

The further they go along, the more you protect them, and that kind of info, from accidentally being read onsite, and getting into wrong hands offsite. Not meaning to alarm you or to seem paranoid, but don't kid yourself, there are those out there trying to glean info about the training of our Spec ops guys! At the very least, it's always possible that one of their instructors is reading forums on this site, and your son could get into trouble if your post TMI here or even on FB! Always remember too that, with the exception of any Group that is created as a Private one (like those for our most recent BUDS Class Groups), all the forums/Discussions and Groups on N4Ms are PUBLIC, viewable by anyone on the world wide web, N4Ms member or not, US citizen or not, friendly or not.

Your SEAL candidate is now a part of the US Naval Special Warfare Community. Their safety, privacy and security is our number one priority, above our mom or wife pride always. There is much you will want to share (like photos) about your amazing young man, but can't or won't in the days to come. So, tsmomis right, making your page private, viewable at least to only N4M members (as mine is) or to only those you have accepted as friends onsite, is definately a wise and good choice. :-)
Ok, I digressed there! LOL

Communications: Definitely better after BC, at least during Pre Buds! :D They are usually done for the day by 4 or 5 pm, and have most weekends off, except for when they have Watch/Duty, so yep, call or text to your hearts' content. :) It's actually a little sad when the letters stop flowing! Some are more chatty than others, so you may touch base daily, or you may find that your adult son is prone to float off and not call home as often as Mom would prefer. LOL FB and texting are great tools. Some like to Skype too. =]

My son got married while in Pre Buds (a whole 'nother story there, but it's really all good!), she stayed here in WA, near us, so guess who got the daily calls and nightly texts. :) We struck a deal that she filled us in during the week if need be, he called with a long update on Fri afternoon or Sat and one of them texts us if anything newsworthy happens in between, or there's a test/situation requiring extra prayer time! :-) I love being part of our Class Group onsite, it relieves the burden on my son of being the only conduit of info for me, and provides extra info and support.

Be forewarned, that once they land in CA, the communication dwindles a bit again, (again depending on the Sailor and how the Class Proctor-head instructor-runs their training and free time) so there's another reason to stay connected with your former Divmates/current BUDS Classmates on site. Once in Coronado, they usually have weekends free, released on Friday afternoons, must be back to muster by Sunday midday, but not always. There is also lots of equipment to prepare for the next day or week. Their days start very early and can run very long. Sometimes, they even have homework. :) I rarely hear from mine during the week. Sometimes he actually gets to come home, (to their place in San D. He has a room assigned to him at the barracks too. Most guys stay there on base during the Phase portion of training) or more often, he just texts his wife late when they are done, (he knows the "rents" are probably in bed by then!) so we get updates from her. I consider myself very fortunate in that. :)

Otherwise, I wait each week to get my weekly wrap up call, if he has anything to share, and any time. He's pretty good about it, and answering all my questions. =) They are sooo tired and sore though!! Sleep and recovery is a number one priority on the weekends. Moms with Buds guys in the later Phases and SQT will tell you that there are occasional stints of communication blackouts, for days, weeks or even a whole month at a time!! They are preparing us all little by little to be used to this (as we can be) for the days when they are assigned to a SEAL team and are gone at a moments notice, with no communication the whole time they are gone, which again, can be days, weeks or even months. :(

As far as a car, it costs a bundle to ship one to CA! If you can get someone to drive one to them there, or even to GL, as my son did, that's preferable. They can drive to Coronado after they test out of Pre Buds. They are given extra days to do so. They will need one in Cali eventually. They are encouraged to get off the base on the weekends, get a change of scenery and recharge. It's a big area to explore. There is plenty of great transportation in Great Lakes (Taxi's that the guys share fees for and the Metra Train system to Chicago), so a car is not a necessity at first, and could be a distraction or headache for sure. Once they have off base privileges, they often spend enough time in the city-and MONEY-anyways! Plus, all your friends always want a ride, and don't always give you gas money! LOL If they are not used to snowy, icy winter driving, don't let them have one! GL winters can be nasty. Have them check into USAA for insurance-and a great military discount when the time comes.

Hope that answers your questions. :-) It's a lot to absorb and get your head around I know! Take it all one day, one week, one step, one stage of training at a time. Knowledge is power and dispels fear, but don't get too far ahead of yourself, worrying about tomorrow. A tricky balance. :)
Thank you again, Angie! You are absolutely right--the not-knowing is so hard and the whole military experience is brand new to my family. They have such a long, hard road ahead of them--I've been reading every SEAL book that my son gave to me--and it is hard not to get ahead of yourself. My son has spent time away before without being able to contact us, but this is different. Not knowing or understanding the process is what I find so hard. Just being able to talk to others on this board or even just read the posts is so helpful. Feel free to visit us often! Hopefully we won't wear you out with all of our questions. :)
Not a chance! LOL I was a military newbie as well. I've been at this Navy stuff for over two years now, the SEALS journey for less. =) It is definately different!

You are very welcome ladies. The Pre Buds Group has a great "Book Reviews" discussion if anyone is wondering where to start. (My suggestion, do NOT make "Lone Survivor" the first book you read!) I'd start with "Meeting God Behind Enemy Lines" and/or Dick Couch's "The Warrior Elite." Do pace yourself, there is plenty of time to read about all the rest. :)
tsmom--I think I'm going to get one. I don't think it would be a problem since all of the recognition would be on the base. However, if anyone knows definitively either way please post it for all of us that are thinking about getting a ribbon.
Hi girls, pardon the intrusion. I was just passing through. :) Congrats on the letters btw. Hope there are more to follow!

Another 800 Div debated the ribbon thing and then came and asked my opinion. For what it's worth, here's my take-mostly for Moms of SEAL candidates: I suggested they order Black or Navy Blue ribbons with Gold letters (SEAL colors and to signify the gold of the coveted Trident).

However, I did caution them NOT to have their Sailors last name printed on them. It's never too early to start practicing OPSEC. There are many guests allowed onto the base that day, you just don't know who they all are. Also, they are only headed "across the street" from RTC. The SEAL Chiefs and instructors from both sides are familiar with one another (I know because my son worked closely with those who trained the BC divisions, while he was waiting to be assigned to a BUDS Class), so you don't want anyone connecting the dots, so to speak. In other words, it's really best, as a precaution, that they not know your full name, or especially your screen name on N4Ms, so that they cannot easily find your page and posts here AND/OR identify your son during training and give him some grief! Just my two cents. :) It is possible that you may meet your son's RDCs after the ceremony and obviously, polite introductions will be made if so. =) Don't freak out if that's the case. LOL Just use some common sense and don't make it easy for everyone else to know who you are.

Of course, it's entirely up to you, but if it were my son, I would just put my first name (maybe last initial, if it were different from my son's, which it's not) and my son's Div # on my ribbon. There are many other keepsakes you can buy there on PIR morning as well, like Div T shirts. :D

As a sidenote for the future: It's difficult, but we all learn to squelch the Mama pride monster that often wants to rear it's head. :P We want to shout from the rooftops what our son is doing (or attempting at least to do), but instead must quietly tell only those we love and trust and be vague, evasive and non detailed with everyone else. We don't chat in line at the grocery store about what he's doing for example. About the time I will want to go to the gym wearing a T shirt that says "don't MESS with me, I raised a Navy SEAL!" is when I may have to start telling people that my son is a shopkeeper or some other very "regular" Navy job. We never want to do something that would cause our son's training to be harder then it already is or would compromise their safety (or missions) ! We learn to think twice before we speak, or post. I know you all probably know all this already, but it's good to remind each other. We all slip and forget from time to time. :-)


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