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Boot Camp: Making a Sailor (Full Length Documentary - 2018)

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**UPDATE 7/29/2021** You now must be fully vaccinated in order to attend PIR:

In light of observed changes and impact of the Coronavirus Delta Variant and out of an abundance of caution for our recruits, Sailors, staff, and guests, Recruit Training Command is restricting Pass-in-Review (recruit graduation) to ONLY fully immunized guests (14-days post final COVID vaccination dose).  Still limited to 2 guests maximum.

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**UPDATE - 2020**

Due to COVID there is no public PIR. The graduations are on Thursday, and the video of the graduation is posted on RTC's FaceBook on Friday at approx 3pm. Please keep in mind that a division may need to complete additional quarantine during training which will delay their graduation.

Please note! Changes to this guide happened in October 2017. Tickets are now issued for all guests, and all guests must have a ticket to enter base. A separate parking pass is no longer needed to drive on to base for parking.

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Hi, My son left the Cleveland Ohio area for Great Lakes Boot Camp this past Tuesday, May 21st. I'm looking for other moms of sons and daughters who arrived there at the same time. Thanks!

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The longest we went w/o communications was 7 weeks. NO phone, text, email, FB. My son didn't have a FB account. I never disclosed the submarine he was on. I would have been excommunicated for life if I didn't keep my mouth tightly shut.  A number of the moms on his sub had exchange regular emails (about 7 of us) - towards the end, there were a lot of "Did you hear anything?" between us.  The moms agree we would not tell our sailors with whom we were exchanging emails. One of the moms mentioned to her sailor that she was talking to mom of one of the officers (me). He bugged relentlessly and endlessly until she told him my son's name. He then said, "Oh, he is a good guy."  The mom, of course, emailed me right away. LOL.
Deployment could be anywhere from short trip, then progressively longer ones (they test equipment, then they test the equipment again and again) until they go off on the big one (typically 6-7 months).

When i was in bootcamp ( 4 months ago) we were only allowed to call home 2 times within the 2 months and 1 week we were there. People say bootcamps changed though, and that now the recruits will have a phone call every sunday.People also say bootcamp is 3 months long now. Who knows, but just try not to get your hopes up when it comes to hearing from your son/daughter often. 1 phone call every 2-3 weeks is a blessing when i was in bootcamp.

People say a lot of things and that doesn't make them true. BC really hasn't changed that much since you were there. Phone calls are still up the the RDC and when the phone banks are open for him/her to schedule them and the RDC can still take away a scheduled call and let another division have it if one or more recruits in the division messed up or the RDC could be walking by the phone banks and see that they are open and go in and schedule a short call for everyone just because s/he was in a good mood. Some call almost every week and some only call one or two times. Think about how many recruits were at the RTC when you were there; it would not have been possible for all of the recruits to call on one day and since recruits cannot call during holiday routine that means there is even less time on Sunday for calls. BC is still 7 to 10 weeks (8 or 9 Fridays is the norm) and that is not changing any time soon that has been posted openly by the RTC or Big Navy.

Being a former Navy wife I can tell you when they are attached to a ship it is not out for 6 months then back in like some would think. My husband would do deployments that last 6 to 9 months, they would pull back in port for 2 weeks go back out for 2 weeks then back for 2 days then back out for 2 months. You can never tell when they will contact you and you have to get use to right away not asking where they are or where they go as that involves ship movement and they cant and shouldn't answer. But it is a hard habit to break. It is different being a spouse because if one spouse got called our the obsman (this is a spouse who has contact with the CO and kind of lets the families know what's up and what's down) knew calls were coming cause she usually got called first then that started a phone tree of just be near the phone and such. But heck I remember when my husband ship was suppose to be in before Thanksgiving and they go yank to sit off the coast of Haiti. We found out because one of our wives got corner at the store by a News reporter asking if she had a love one on his particular ship and how she felt about him being there. Our ombudsman and CO were not happy to say the least. But being a parent or away from the our shipmates family can put you out of the loop. And it is not like if they are stationed oversea there is no FB or sykpe. Sometime we would get ship to shore calls if the CO was feeling generous. Course it helped that my husband was a radioman and they in charge of that so we got called first. Good thing about if your SR is single assignments are not as long as when they are married. Plus it depends on their MOS. My SR MOS is MA and they are not many ship assignments for the kind of MA he wants to be. A Sr. Chief friend of ours has told him he will pretty much be oversea or on land if he gets the school he wants. Plus from talking to him and our son recruiter it looks like ours will probably go oversea to as they call it the "sandbox". This was fine with him. Plus Sr. Chief told him that it will look good on his record if he takes such assignments. My SR is already planning to put in for the Admirals education program, so he can go to college and the officers training school. I truly think he will make a career out of this as his true goal is to go into politics. But momlovesryan no matter what some post say about getting use to it and or coming to terms with being separated you don't. You just find your way of surviving. I had one way when my dad served and one way when my husband serve when we had no children and another when we did have our boys. And now I am searching for a way to survive this one. Just keep "venting" and asking question and heck yes even crying, and you'll find your way of dealing. But so far the way I am managing is one day at a time. My 17 yo is already talking to my SR recruiter about when he can sign. I just get sick all over again. But I told the recruiter that the US military has to leave me my 9yo. That my dad, my husband and now 2 of my sons was a big enough commitment from me. LOL.

We don't have MOS's in the Navy; we have ratings.

MA is a rating very dear to my heart since my Sailor is an MA. Sometime between now and the end of BC, join San Antonio MA's; there is a "Break down week by week" discussion that will let you know what happens at NTTC Lackland (San Antonio). I see you have already joined MAA Moms. Other groups to check out are New MAA Mom's (it has not been very active) and Security Sailors (it is not as active and includes loved ones of Sailors from other ratings as well). You're right: there aren't many billets on a ship for an MA and many don't go to sea even if they make a career of the Navy. Mine has one because he went to "C" School for Afloat Corrections Specialist.

(Group names within this reply are clickable links.)

Your right being a Air Force brat I sometime try and combine them. My husband corrects me constantly. Like in the AF we call it a BX and I believe in the it called NEX or my marine friends call it PX. Before my son left we had a good laugh about some of the different things the Navy calls things and the things the USAF calls them. My dad before he past constantly teased my husband about being a squid. And my husband would tease my Dad about being in the Chair Force.

Actually, the Army and Marines have MOS and the Air Force has Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSC). I was an Army Brat and sister and aunt (still am), was a Marine sister and aunt, was in AFJROTC once upon a time and am now a Navy Mom, so I've figured that one out. Yep, PX (Army), BX (Air Force), MCX (Marines) and NEX (Navy). I also have heard many of the terms for those in the different branches. It gets interesting sometimes.

Since AAFES handles the Exchanges now, gift cards work at pretty much any exchange worldwide except for the Coast Guard Exchanges, so they must still be separate. (

Hello - My son left for BC out of Pittsburgh on Wednesday, the 22nd.  Today was the first day I actually felt normal.  That ugly knot in my stomach is gone.  I still miss him but it is getting easier.  Can't wait to hear from him for the first time.  It is not that he is away as much as the no contact thing.  Even when my DH and I went a away for a few days or he was away we called a few times a day to just chat.  I am dying to know what he is doing and how it is all going for him.  Can't wait for that first letter - which most likely will say almost nothing - you know how boys are!  But at least I will know he is well.

Have a great Memorial Day - stay strong - we have to remember these boys were the center of our universe for 19 years - but sadly we are not the center of theirs.  We need to just be glad that they are strong, independent men and going for their dreams!

Join the group, DEP-Leavin for bootcamp in May, to connect with others with loved ones who left the same day and may have PIR together.

You may want to join, or at least check out, Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones), PIR Reference Information, and New Members Stop Here. Once you know your SR’s PIR date and/or division number, watch in Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones) and/or at and join the group for that once it has been created. There will be a lot of great information and support for you in those groups. Be sure to check out the Pages (found under the pictures of the Members) and Discussions within the groups. Arrival and What Happens at the RTC within Boot Camp Moms (and loved ones) will let you know what is happening, but you will also want to check out the other Pages in all of the groups.

I see you have joined the Cryptology groups; sometime between now and the end of BC, you will als want to check out Sailors In Pensacola, FL For A School....Corry Station too!! and Parents of A School Sailors in Pensacola. The Rating Information Card for CTM can be found at

(Group names within this reply are clickable links.)

caroltry congrats on your SR!  If you haven't already check out the Survival Guide for Newbies!  It is full of info and will help you transition and answer alot of those so important questions that will sneak up on you! 

Hello, our box arrived on Thursday of last week, the 23rd.  We are looking forward to our letter that says where to write to him!

I'm guessing our sons will be in the same division when it forms.  I'm the proud father and having done boot camp there back in my youth I am very excited to see the place again without the stress!  Now I can just watch and smile!


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