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My son has been waiting two years to join the Navy.  He graduates in May, has been homeschooled his whole life and is well on his way.  We met the recruiter in Aug.  He informed us because we were not tradional school we needed College credit, 15 to be exact.  So we went the next day, passed the dual credit test and began school a week later at the community college.  We went back right after he turned 18 last month, and the paper work has been a whirlwind.  We even signd up for an extra class and his 15 credits will be done in May.  So he went and took the Asvap test, made 81%.  Last night he went to the hotel, and went in to enlist today.  He made it through his physical and then was told he could not enlist today.  There is something the recruiter said in his paperwork they have to correct but they expect him to go back next week.

Now I am curious about something that happened while there.  He was in the waiting area and a Chief (I think) came in and asked for Mr. _____. My son went with him where he was told this man is the Nuclear Program, and my child was 5 questions away from making it into the program.  He told him all these great things about the program, and said since he was nontraditional school he would have to take this other math test anyway. He wants my son to take the test and he believes he will pass. 

So I wonder if this is something we should believe, I have heard the recruiters are not always upfront, and I just want to prepare ourselves if this is just grand talk.


There was no other discussion of jobs with any other person while he was there, just this man who seemed to come look for him.


Any insight would be appreciated.



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Sounds like they want him to take the exam to get into the nuke program. 


He needs to wait and see how he scores, to see if he even qualifies for the nuke program, before he gets his hopes up about possible getting into that program.


If he doesn't qualify for the nuke program, they will take him to talk to a classifer to see what jobs are open (if any) and if there are openings he will be offered them,.

My daughter leaves March 8th for BC.. she was also homeschooled all her life... Thankfully, she was already at a CC taking classes, so she had her college credits.. but I never understood why they wouldn't take our transcript (from the school we had to report to) as her finishing H.S. Why do they need college credits to get into the Navy? Did they explain that to you? I feel like it is discrimination of homeschooling to require that. I live in NY where we have to send in quarterly reports, end of the year testing, a bunch of paperwork that shows she has completed the required courses for 9-12.
Just wondered if you knew the reason behind the college credit issue.
That sounds strange. We homeschool as well and I had to fill out a several page questionnaire about our homeschool and send along his transcript. I also sent in our yearly teacher-written assessment of his work.  He leaves in 3 weeks and was not required to take any college classes. I spoke over the phone with the Navy education specialist who went over his school paperwork. She asked some questions about his credits and how long we homeschooled him. She looked over his ASVAB score and that was it. They cannot discriminate or require extra classes if you have completed the homeschool requirements for graduation for your state.

apparently the person assigned to this duty is an older man, and my guess is that he has NO IDEA about the newer homeschool rules... her recruiter took her dipolma and resubmitted her paperwork. She had a transcript as well sent from our H.S. that we submit to.. I don't know


I do not know why, but that is the same requirement they have for GED students, and I think I heard him telling the same thing to a person in the office who did not have a high school diploma or GED.  It is something that seems a little behind in the times since the number of homeschool kids is on the rise.  I must say the first time we went in they kinda blew us off, but when my son showed back up they were totally different in how he was treated.  We had to prove we were not just using homeschool as way to get out of school.  I was very pleased to also see them get a little more pep in how they treated us when he showed them his Eagle Scout certificate. 


deke - Just to make sure you didn't have a typo, you did say 81% on the ASVAB correct?  I can see the requirement if he score less than 50, that make perfect sense to require them to have 15 college credits, but if its over 50 I would love to have the recruiter show the where it says in the rule book that is required, because I can show you where it say he doesn't. 

It's public law that they allow home schoolers the same benefits as a traditional school graduate.  Unless they changed the rule recently, have the recruiter show you the rule.  I bet he's looking at the old rule book.


Here is the new rule:  (from COMNAVCRUITCOMINST 1130.8H – VOLUME II –CH5 Chapter 2)

i. Home School Diploma With AFQT Score Of 50 Or Higher, Education Code
“H”. A home school diploma from the parent, guardian or home school association with
certification and transcripts issued in compliance with applicable state laws. The
curriculum must involve parental instruction and supervision and closely pattern the
normal credit hours per subject used in the traditional high school. At a minimum the
last academic year (9 months) must be completed in a home school environment. For
applicable laws governing home schools, refer to
Note: DoD authorizes home school graduates with AFQT scores of 50 or higher to be
enlisted with Tier I status. Applicants with AFQT scores below 50 are considered Tier II.
(1) Requirements
(a) Home schooled applicants must provide a diploma or certificate, if available,
and transcripts indicating the individual completed four years of high school curriculum.
Home school transcripts must contain the following information:

 Student’s name
 Home address
 Date of birth
 SSN (It is acceptable to obtain only the last four digits)
 Date of home school enrollment
 Date of graduation, or projected graduation date if still enrolled
 Courses transferred from other educational institutions (if applicable)
 Courses attempted/completed with start and completion dates of each
course during each home school grade
 Signature of parent/guardian, date, and home telephone number
(b) A letter from the applicant’s parent/guardian describing the education
process will suffice if it includes the same information as described in the above.
(c) Must attain an AFQT Score of 50 or higher. Must also complete an
Assessment of Individual Motivation (AIM) prior to accession with AIM score
documented in PRIDE.
(d) Home school seniors (will-grads), with a 50 AFQT or above shall be coded
as 11M on enlistment documents. Home school seniors may be placed in DEP for up to
the 365-day DEP limit.

Thank you for that Craig. I am going to have my daughter show that to her recruiter.  She also scored above 50 on the Asvab, so she should not have to use her credits to go toward that.  She has 59 credits from college, unfortunately isn't able to finish her last semester for her 2 yr. degree, b/c they couldn't/wouldn't move her ship out date.


From my observation over the last 18 months, most of the recent recruits into the nuke program score somewhere in the neighborhood of 95-99 on the ASVAB. Maybe a few years ago, the scores were lower. However, Angie may have hit the nail on the head. Sounds like they want to see if his math stuff is strong enough.

JennNY -  Make dang sure you look at the manual yourself, goto this link: and on the right hand side you will see Volume 2.  Once that opens seach on "Home School". 


Fight them with their own rules.  Again, don't come off cocky, just ask them that you researched the rules on the 1130.8H, and you can't find out where it says 15 college credits.  Can they point it out.  That way you are coming across as someone that cares, and not a b****.  They may have changed the rule (which I don't think they did), but you'll have an out if they did....

Make sense? 

Thank you Craig! I went and read and then printed out the pages on that info. She has a DEP meeting tonight, her last before she leaves, so she is going to show them and ask for an explanation.  If she can't get anywhere, I'll make a call. 


Yes he made 81% on the real test.  On the practice he made an 88, which is when they started treating him like a real recruit possibility.


Oh well, he is going in and he is excited.  We don't know what other job options he will have.  We just thought it was interesting that the Nuclear guy came and got him.  I even have his card :)  Thanks everyone, I am sure you will hear lots more from me.



Good luck. His score is very, very good - so I am sure there will be something for him - being a nuke is tough, especially on a sub - my son (a nuke) would say - pick another rate. LOL


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