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Link to Navy Speak - Navy Terms & Acronyms: Navy Speak

All Hands Magazine's full length documentary "Making a Sailor": This video follows four recruits through Boot Camp in the spring of 2018 who were assigned to DIV 229, an integrated division, which had PIR on 05/25/2018. 

Boot Camp: Making a Sailor (Full Length Documentary - 2018)

Boot Camp: Behind the Scenes at RTC

...and visit - America's Navy and also Navy Live - The Official Blog of the Navy to learn more.

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**UPDATE 4/26/2022** Effective with the May 6, 2022 PIR 4 guests will be allowed.  Still must be fully vaccinated to attend.

**UPDATE 7/29/2021** You now must be fully vaccinated in order to attend PIR:

In light of observed changes and impact of the Coronavirus Delta Variant and out of an abundance of caution for our recruits, Sailors, staff, and guests, Recruit Training Command is restricting Pass-in-Review (recruit graduation) to ONLY fully immunized guests (14-days post final COVID vaccination dose).  

Specific information on this policy change will be provided in the coming days and weeks.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your support.


RTC Graduation

**UPDATE 6/23/2022 - MASK MANDATE IS LIFTED -  Vaccinations still required


Please note! Changes to this guide happened in October 2017. Tickets are now issued for all guests, and all guests must have a ticket to enter base. A separate parking pass is no longer needed to drive on to base for parking.

Please see changes to attending PIR in the PAGES column. The PAGES are located under the member icons on the right side.

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Navy Speak

Click here to learn common Navy terms and acronyms!  (Hint:  When you can speak an entire sentence using only acronyms and one verb, you're truly a Navy mom.)

N4M Merchandise

Shirts, caps, mugs and more can be found at CafePress.

Please note: Profits generated in the production of this merchandise are not being awarded to the Navy or any of its suppliers. Any profit made is retained by CafePress. Para Familias

Visite esta página para explorar en su idioma las oportunidades de educación y carreras para sus hijos en el Navy.



Division T-Shirts, Graduation Photos, The Keel, and DVD of PIR

Division T-Shirts and Hoodies

Be sure to ask your recruit before ordering T-shirts because some order them as gifts for family members. Some have ordered a Small and then made pillows.

Your Recruits will have the first opportunity to order apparel imprinted with their unique Divisional Flag design allowing them to capture this valuable memory that will follow them throughout their Navy career. Family and friends can stop by after graduation at building 1326 to purchase additional apparel. The MWR does not accept personal checks as payment; all payments must be made with cash or credit card. Division apparel will be available for purchase on the web store at approximately three business days after a division’s Pass In Review (PIR) date, and will remain available for purchase online for approximately six months from that date. Contact MWR Great Lakes directly at 847-688-5966, if the PIR is from an earlier date.

Navy Graduation Photos, The Keel, and PIR DVD

Graduation photos are taken on week 4/day 4 of BC and are taken in the Dress Blue uniform. The following week the Division photo is taken. The Photo Lab keeps photos for one year in case the Sailor or the family wants to order or reorder photos. Division photos are kept for ten years.

The process now is for the recruits to pay for the photo package, Division photos, Keel, and DVD, either with a debit/credit card or a money order made payable to the NEX when they pick them up a few days before PIR OR loved ones and Sailors can go to the Photo Lab at the NEX and pay for them and pick them up on the day of PIR. If your recruit pays for them when ordering them, s/he may have them mailed to you and you may receive the photos and frames prior to PIR. The NEX does not accept personal checks as payment; all payments must be made with cash or credit card.

The Keel – the “yearbook” for your Sailor’s recruit division, sometimes called the Cruise book – includes photos of your Sailor's recruit division and brother division if there was one within a black and white section at the back. There are colored photos to remind your Sailor of things that happened while at RTC. The Keel is only available for purchase during boot camp, on the day of PIR, and during that weekend. They only print up the exact quantity that is ordered and prepaid so you will not be able to order it after PIR weekend. The Keel is included free with Photo Package A or it can be purchased separately for $29. The Keel is mailed about 12 or 13 weeks after PIR – the recruit indicates the address it is mailed to. You cannot order The Keel over the phone. You must do that in person at the NEX the weekend of PIR if your Sailor did not order one. The Keel is included free with package A if ordered on the day of PIR.

If your recruit did not order the DVD of PIR, then go over to the Photo Lab at the NEX on the day of PIR, and you can still get it. The DVD is mailed about 6 to 8 weeks after PIR – the recruit indicates the address it is mailed to. Some, but not all, have been successful in ordering a DVD up to 2 months after PIR by calling the Photo Lab at the NEX. It is best to call within a week of PIR if you want to order one.

Your recruit cannot just buy a few photos, s/he must order a package to receive any photos at all. However, The Keel and/or DVD of PIR can be ordered without ordering photos. If you find out that your recruit did not order a photo package, you can still order them on the day of PIR by going to the Photo Lab at the NEX. You can order photos up to a year after PIR, but The Keel must be ordered before the end of PIR weekend and the DVD must be ordered within a week of PIR to be guaranteed to get one.

My Sailor took care of ordering his photo package, The Keel, and DVD, and some nice frames as well, while he was at BC and would not let me reimburse him for it. He said that the pictures and frames were his gift to those who have done so much for him. Other Recruits/Sailors have felt the same way; perhaps the RDC suggested this, but I like to think I have a thoughtful son. If you are planning to pay for the photos, just let your recruit know that you are willing to reimburse him/her for this since that is the easiest way to handle it. You will need to know that the DVD and photo package that includes The Keel is $169 and special Navy frames add to the cost. If you find out that there are not enough photos in the package, you can order more by going over to the Photo Lab at the NEX on the day of PIR or by using the order form within the package when you receive it. Reorders can only be ordered if your recruit ordered a package.

If you are picking up photos at the Photo Lab on the day of PIR, expect long lines. Go straight to the back wall after entering the doors. Double check that the photos within the package are those of your Sailor before you leave the area. After getting the photos, you will get in another line that will lead to another room where you can order additional photos, frames, and coins if you wish and pay.

You can contact the Photo Lab at Great Lakes at 847-578-6205, but do not call them until after PIR. While your recruit is at RTC, contact him/her to see if s/he ordered pictures and let him/her know what you would like him/her to order.

Here are the prices as of the 08/10/2018 PIR:


Package A: $140.00

1-11x14, 2-8x10, 2-5x7, 24 wallets, 1-11x14 division photo (includes The Keel at no charge if the recruit orders the package prior to PIR, but must be purchased separately for $29 if the order is made following PIR)

Package B: $120.00

1-8x10, 2-5x7, 16-wallets, 1-11x14 division photo

Division Photo: 11x14: $20.00

Division Custom Flag Photo: 11x14: $15.00

Drill Hall Graduation Division Photo: 8x10: $8.00

Division Photo with Calendar: $10.00

Division "Goof Off" AKA "Ship Wreck" Photo: 5x7: $6.00

Single photo reprints (only available with purchase of Package A or B or if a package was previously ordered)

11x14: $17.00

8x10: $11.00

5x7 (set of 2): $11.00

wallets (set of 8): $11.00

After 12 months the image will no longer be available for reorders.

Shipping: $10.00


5x7 Oak Frame: $29.00

Anchors Aweigh Frame: (holds a wallet sized photo): $26.00 

14x18 Sailor's Creed: (reported to hold a photo of the Sailor and a Division Photo): $47.00 

Recruit Shadow Box: $99.00


Graduation Video DVD available in limited quantities $29.00, shipping included.

3D Crystal Statue: medium rectangular block & mini light base: 6x6x10 cm block: $86.25 includes S&H

Mugs: $14.99


Division Coin: $20.00 (Limited Quantities)

Ship Coin: $20.00

Division Flag Coin: $23.00 (Limited Quantities)



Cash, Money Order payable to NEX, or Credit Cards Only for payments made at the NEX on PIR weekend

Money Order payable to NEX or Credit Cards Only for payments made on reorders after PIR weekend

Allow 2-4 weeks for delivery.

****Navy Exchange reserves the right to change pricing without Notice****

Click here to see the current Photpgraph and Frame Reorder Form.

The Photo Lab keeps individual photos for about a year after PIR and Division photos for about 10 years.

Livestream and Online viewing of PIR.

RTC will stream PIR live at beginning at 8:45 am CST on the day of PIR for those who are unable to attend in person. Once PIR has passed, you may be able to see the video at If there was a problem with the livestream on the day of PIR, then there will not be a video at that site.


Posted by lemonelephant, the mom of a retired Sailor.

Last updated 09/20/2019


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Comment by lemonelephant on April 19, 2013 at 6:14pm

Debbie, no, he can pay when he orders or picks up the photos a few days before PIR, but you can only pay on the day of PIR or after. Print off the info above and circle what you want him to order and send it to him and let him know that if he shows you the receipt, you will reimburse him if you really do want to pay for them.  He gets paid and will have enough money to cover the cost.

Comment by Debbie on April 19, 2013 at 6:02pm
Can I prepay for photos of SR and frames and DVD, my son says he has too much going on and might forget something that I asked him to order????
Comment by lemonelephant on March 28, 2013 at 12:39am

I have only heard good things about them. The link is; there is a link in Gift Ideas for PIR.

Comment by DramaSoul on March 28, 2013 at 12:35am

lemonelephant....Funny that you are talking about the RackPack. I just heard about from other Navy Moms in another group.  Definitely something I will get him when he serves on a ship!

Comment by lemonelephant on March 25, 2013 at 1:29am

DramaSoul, yep, I have my tales of the things mine was sure he wouldn't need and then did. Most recently was a Navy RackPack that I got him for his birthday.  He did not understand why I wasted my money on such a thing and was sure he'd never need/use it.  He had me send it to him and has proclaimed it "awesome".  If your Sailor finds himself stationed on a ship/sub, that is one gift you should be sure to get him if his vessel does not already use them for all personnel.

Comment by DramaSoul on March 25, 2013 at 1:23am

lemonelephant....GEAR ADRIFT...LOL! He has only been home on leave once but I had to send him a box of stuff he left behind.  He is stationed in the desert and he left his parka liner home because he didn't think he would need it since it gets around 115-120 degrees during the Summer.  Well..,in the Winter, it gets down to 20+ degrees.  So in November I got this text saying "Please send parka liner asap."  LOL!!

Comment by lemonelephant on March 25, 2013 at 1:19am

DramaSoul, LOL, I love it. My Sailor is the same. His uniform and personal appearance are always tidy and the iron gets more use when he is here than it does the rest of the year.  I do have to remind him about "gear adrift" every time he is home though because he still tends to leave things lying around and I almost always have to mail something that he left behind after he left.

Comment by DramaSoul on March 25, 2013 at 1:04am

lemonelephant....When I found out my son was in charge of the head cleaning crew, I almost wet my pants laughing so hard.  I had spent years trying to get him to do things like clean his bathroom, iron his clothes, keep his bed made, room clean, etc.  All it took were some tough RDC's at boot camp! Who knew??  When he was home on leave before A school, he did RAP duty.  I came downstairs one morning to find him IRONING his working uniform to be sure the collar would stay down properly.  He had already shined his boots and had had a haircut the day before.  I almost fell over I was so surprised!  Thank you, Ma Navy!!

Comment by lemonelephant on March 25, 2013 at 12:04am

DramaSoul, thanks.  That would be a great pic--especially if your son is like mine and was not much into keeping things clean before shipping.

Comment by DramaSoul on March 24, 2013 at 10:02pm I am over a year from PIR and I just got these cool shirts! Thanks, lemon, for keeping everything so up to date.  For the moms wondering if they should buy the pic package and Keel.  I love mine.  We had lots of people who wanted the photos.  And...the Keel is really great.  There was a pic of my son on the Head Cleaning Crew!  Loved it!

Comment by lemonelephant on February 8, 2013 at 5:09pm

CatMom509, DramaSoul has indicated that T-shirts can be ordered anytime since the designs are kept on file.

Comment by CatMom509 on February 7, 2013 at 12:41am

I am wondering how long the divisional t-shirts are available to order after a PIR?  I will probably order before, but just need to know the latest I can order a particular division's design?

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