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Heard from my son and he graduates March the 9th.  I'm so excited to have heard from him.  I am wondering if there are any others out there with the same SHIP/ DIV.  Please post if you are of this SHIP 11/ DIV 084.  I would sure like to hear from anyone else.  Missing my son are you?   

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Welcome to the group!! You Heard from your son??? That's great!! A letter or phone call? When? My son is not in this division, it's just that you are the first person to have said you "heard" from your SR!!


Lots of great info on here, and I know there are other Moms with SRs in this division.


Please tell us ALL about hearing from your son!!

MEJ ship 09 Div 086

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Did you get the call today??? My son has a PIR date March 9th too!!! He is ship 09 Div 086.  Your so blessed to of received a call. I'm hoping he called today.  I am going to stay close to my phone. 

I miss my son so much. So proud though and I know you must be as well. 

No, I didn't receive a call I got his official letter, with very little on the back.  He just hi and that he missed us.  Its hard and hopefully you have received a letter from him and if not I promise soon.  You take care and hang in there. 


Hello. My son is Ship 11 Div 084. YES I AM MISSING HIM TERRIBLY. I have only gotten the form letter, nothing more. I am hoping for a letter this week. I would love to be connected with others in this division. 

My SR is ship 11 div 084. I got a letter today. He sounded good. Have you received one today?
He said in the letter that he was finally able to write on Jan. 30th.


As a matter of fact I just received his letter Thursday.  I felt so bad cause my son said hie was one of a few that didn't get his letters.  I mailed them to him the following day, I got his official letter with the information about his graduation.  I don't know what happened there.  It was bitter/sweet for me to hear from him.  He said there was a lot of young kids in his division.  Said he was one of the oldest there.  Did your fiancea, hubby b/f, son say anting about his wisdom teeth?  My son told me that they want his out.  All 4 of them.  OUCH!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness its so nice to hear from someone in the same div and ship.  Please keep me posted if you find out anything else.  You know we can go F.B. and play games on there it the rtc page and they have what's called wacky wednesdays and games on tuesdays too.  If we win they post pics of our SR's.  Let's try to win.  



My son said he had received my letters and asked me to "not go crazy", little does he know, that ship has sailed (lol) Is your son setb to get his teeth pulled on bootcamp? I hope not. My son had already had his pulled. I've got nothing new to report but I am hoping for a phone call on Sunday. From what I have gathered that seems to be the day that they are able to make their calls. If not I'm hoping for another letter on Wednesday.

I'm trying to stay positive. I miss him terribly and I can't wait til graduation. It's so bitter sweet. My heart aches but yet, I couldn't be prouder of what he is doing. 

I'll try the trivia. Where do they post the questions?


Hello aninms,

I heard from my son via letter on Thursday. 2/2/12.  His letters were bitter/sweet but so good to hear from him.  I think that I've seen you on chat here on NFMoms.  I am exctied to see that your son is with mine.  Your son looks young if that's him on your pic.  My son said that it gets cold there and that until the end of March is when winter ends there.  Have you gotten his letter yet?  I'm sure that you will if you haven't already.  Know that on f.b. rtc they play games on there and if we answer right they will post pics of our guys.  Its on Wednesdays and Tuesday. ( i believe)  Let's try and win so we can see our loved ones.  You take care and it was nice to hear from someone who is experiencing the same thing as me.  


Hello SAHN:

Yes, that is my son in the picture. He is 22. He will be 23 in May. I am so glad you got a letter. I have not yet. I hate to be down all the time, but it's so depressing. I just feel like I would feel so much better if I could just hear from him. I don't even care much about a phone call, if I could just get a letter!! :(  I do try and win Tuesday Trivia. I know a few others that are trying as well. We have a forum on the RTC page, you should join us. Thanks for repying, it does help a little to have support from others who know how it feels.

Quick update! My husband received a call from our SR today. I missed his call because I was at work but I'm so glad he was able to talk to one of us. My husband said he sounded good and he's working hard. He can't wait to see everyone at PIR.
He also told him that he found out that he is scared of heights because it was hard jumping off the high platform into the water, but HE DID IT!!
Still counting down the days. My son also said that they "should" be getting more time to write letters, so we'll see.
I would love to hear if anyone else has any of their own stories.

Hi, Div 84! I sooo remember those "wait for a letter & call days!"

I'm a 2x Navy mom & helping another mom organize your scarf color choices for the PIR group. I'll maintain a master list on the large group for you. Discuss amongst yourselves and pick something you'll like! Ping me and I'll update the list.

Also, feel free to connect or ask questions. I'll try to help if I can. Your SRs are approaching a very hectic time. One important data point is to begin asking for a firm date that your division will go through BS21 (Battlestations). there's lots of great videos on youtube.

Hi, folks - you're the only div without a scarf color. You have a rainbow of choices, if you want to select one. Options that haven't been taken by others include purple, green, orange, yellow . . . even black! There's plenty of other choices. To get ideas online, check a craft or fabric store (Joanns is one that posts fabric colors) and search on fleece. Or, lala can share some pictures.


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