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Moms of Daughters 2


Moms of Daughters 2

A place to come to for support, guidance, to ask questions and share stories. We are all proud of our Navy Daughters.

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How can I check on my daughter

Started by AllThings. Last reply by ShawnMom Jan 29. 9 Replies

My daughter joined 12/2016. She is undesignated and I was unable to reach her yesterday. She and I talk nearly everday and she is addicted to her phone so she keeps her phone charges and never fails to see my texts or messages and return them.…Continue

A real phone call

Started by Chihuahualove3. Last reply by Chihuahualove3 Feb 5. 5 Replies

I got a call on Sunday from my recruit. She sounded so good but my heart broke a little when I found out that she had only got 1 of my 5 letters I sent. Luckily I discovered Sandboxx thanks to this forum. That was the only letter she received. She…Continue

All the emotions

Started by Chihuahualove3. Last reply by Anna Jan 19. 8 Replies

My recruit left 12/18 and I have had mixed emotions since the departure. I’m so proud and I know logically my recruit has everything they need. I’m just missing my recruit so much. We are extremely close and it’s the patiently waiting for letters…Continue

Video call

Started by Cheryl Nov 22, 2018. 0 Replies

My daughter video called me tonight. She was at a church for thanksgiving. She introduced me to her "struggle buddy", they're both worried about their last run. She was trying not to cry at first, her face was turning red. She got to see her niece…Continue

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Comment by Katski on February 12, 2019 at 11:34am

my girl was sworn in 3 days after her 17th birthday - for the DEP program the summer before her sr yr of high school. She just completed basic and grad on 02/08 -  - she was actually schd to leave 02/11 but new job opened was offered right before the holidays and she got accepted - we had 3wks before she left - I thought I had more time - as she left 12/12 - and we were not prepared - or I should say I was not - missed the holidays with her and once again we did everything together - she is our youngest and our only girl - the boys are at least 7 yrs older - she was as our family joke - our OOPS baby (I was 36 when she was born) and how so happy for a girl - we did everything together and this has been so hard.. - it was great to see her at grad! - we actually got all day on Saturday the 9th as well - since her flt went out early Sunday morning...but I miss her soooo freakin much -  - she too worked at my office, she had a rock band that she played in and did a ton of gigs.. you really have to check it out on Facebook - they were called VanderVeer - she was the lead singer and bass player - she started the band when she was only 13 - and they played thru out the town at least 25 gigs a year, was huge in her JROTC and my days seem so empty now..she turned 18 this past Aug and still my baby girl - her boyfriend - which they just got engaged as soon as they got out of basic - He grad 02/01 from the Navy  - as they enlisted together - have known each other for over 4 years and been dating for 3 years - we are so happy for both of them.  I am so glad to come to this site to cry , vent and most of all ask questions without be looked at like I am crazy - no one at my office can understand - this is not like sending your kid off to college, or they are just away...thanks everyone

Comment by Blondie on February 12, 2019 at 11:13am

thedisneymom, HUGS

My Sailor was my youngest of 4.  Her 2 brothers and Sister all went off to college, he dad's job made him travel a lot with long, late hours. So it was just the 2 of us!  We went EVERYWHERE together.  She'd walk over to my office after school and help with filing, envelope stuffing, cleaning whatever I needed. We'd go home and make supper together. My half day I'd pick her up at school and we'd go to town, to the library.  I couldn't even take a bath or shave my legs without her coming into the bathroom, sitting on the toilet and doing her homework or reading her newest book to me!  We are to 2 peas in a pod.  She's a mini Me!  2 days after her 18th birthday a recruiter came to the house and talked to her, She drove her to Columbus (2 hours away) to take her tests, 2 separate days. 2 weeks later she was in BC!  She told me later it was the only way she could do it, otherwise she might not have left.  After her swearing in, I cried the 2 hours back home.  Even my older daughter could not help me, matter of fact she ended up crying with me.  Then my Sailor was a grad-n-go, after her PIR we only got 1 1/2 hours with her, and she was off to A school, she graduated on a Friday and started C-school the following Monday!  She did 10 years before she got out (after she got married) they were all a wirlwind, we called it our roller coaster ride. She went to BC Aug. of 2007 and was over seas in the sand box by March 2008.  Did 2 years there, then 3 in Japan (in 2010 we went to Japan for Christmas and New Years to see her) at that point I asked her to come back stateside. Which she did, in 2012 and worked at the Pentagon. So anyways, I UNDERSTAND your feelings completely!  I cried Every week at Church, but mostly in the shower.  

We had made a pack before she went to BC, To pray for each other and "talk" to each other at a certain time of day.  I watch 1 of her favorite TV shows (which I didn't like) and wrote an update in every letter.  I sent school news, and town news, new books that came out, the new mt. dew flavors (which she made me buy and taste for her, I HATE mt. dew!) What we do for our girls!   Well this is too long, So I'll sign off for now.  But Please if you have any questions let us know.

We love to share in your Joys and excitement as well as your pain and sorrow.  Come here to vent, cry, scream and complain or to Brag.  Hugs again

Comment by ShawnMom on February 11, 2019 at 9:14pm


You are totally in "crazy lady" territory here. Welcome. We totally get it! If all Navy moms decided to have a foot stomping tantrum on the same day the Navy would be in serious trouble. :) Hang in there, it does get easier. 

Comment by thedisneymom on February 11, 2019 at 5:48pm

@Katski - OMG....everything you just said... Sunday mornings were always our time...get coffee, grocery shop, laugh. I started dishing up dinner last night and grabbed down four plates.  That caused tears.  I know it will get better...i just need it to happen now.  Thank you for the support!

Comment by Katski on February 11, 2019 at 5:46pm

@ thedisneymom - I experienced so much when my son went into the air force..and my daughter just grad 02/08 - we are close and it hit me really hard - her and I did everything - the first week she was gone and I had to shop for food I had a break down - every sunday it was our thing from the time she was born - I had never gone without her... to her music playin from her room every night - and she sings like no other - her voice!! - I'm the tough one and this crushed proud of her but I completely understand where you are coming from and what you are feeling - hang in there!

Comment by thedisneymom on February 11, 2019 at 5:46pm

BouyLou, thank you.  I showed your profile picture to my husband this weekend.  He started to tear up too.... from behind, it looks JUST like our daughter.   Thank you for the words of support.  I am in need of them.  

Comment by BuoyLou on February 11, 2019 at 5:43pm

Awww, you’ve come to a good place. There are fantastic women on here. Mine just graduated BC last Fri. We had her home for The weekend and then she went back last night. I didn’t cry at all until graduation. But I had a hard time getting through the night last night. We are all her experiencing different things at different times but we all get it. It’s a sisterhood that even our husband can’t understand sometimes. we got you. You’re in good hands. Xoxox

Comment by thedisneymom on February 11, 2019 at 5:39pm

My daughter hit boot camp on 2/6. I have cried every single day since she left. She and I are incredibly close.  This separation and not hearing her voice is just killing me.  I told my husband it "was like the sun just went away". I am ex military (USAF), so I know what she is dealing with right now. , to a certain degree.  She was adamant about wanting to serve and she chose the Navy. We are super proud of her, but I feel like a temper tantrumming two year that is stamping her foot saying "i just want her home".  My husband is floored that I am reaching out for support etc.... it's not in my nature to do so.  Thank God for this page.  I have read other women that have gone through this and are having similar issues, so I don't feel like a crazy lady...  :)  

Comment by Blondie on February 7, 2019 at 8:41am

Meanwhile in Ohio, Mother Nature has another Mood Swing. After a day of heavy rains, taking 85% of our snow cover away, Dense Fog started in the early afternoon and continued throughout the night. Flooding starting around dark last night. Today's high temperature 63, thunderstorms with heavy downpours, flooding continues, rain will change over to a heavy wet snow, Low tonight 18! Stay Safe, Stay Warm.

Comment by Blondie on February 7, 2019 at 8:40am

Safe travels Katski!  Many HAPPY tears. 


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