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My son leaves for boot camp 5 Mondays from tomorrow and I am sooo emotional. I go from crying my eyes out as if he were dying on July 2 to being excited for him and the decision he has made about his future. I've considered all of the positives about him being a NUKE in the Navy and yet I still look at it that my baby boy is leaving home and I will not get to see him like most parents do whose kids go off to college at this stage in their lives.

Not only am I having to deal with my own feelings and emotions, but my husband and I have a 6 year old little girl who is going to Greatly miss her big brother. Our son took her out for a "date night" last night as a means of creating memories for her when he gone. They went bowling and then he took her out for ice cream. He's going to Build A Bear tomorrow and making her a bear and putting a message in it with his voice so that he is Never far from her.

Not only is His life about to change forever, but so his my husband's, our youngest daughter's, and mine.

I am soooo proud of him, yet I am sooo scared at the same time.

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Comment by TenaciousDee on June 4, 2012 at 12:13am

Karen, it's going to be an emotional roller coaster so hold on for the ride. When my son swore in back in January, I thought to myself that I had time. He left for BC on April 30th and I'll tell you, those few months with him flew by faster than I could ever imagine. Just spend as much time with him as you can. Be as encouraging as you can. He's made a great decision to join the Navy and you should be proud. Oh you'll cry...but I know it's not because you don't support him. We all know what you are going through. This site has been a blessing for me. The support is amazing. It's information overload at first, but you'll be logged on everyday when he leaves and you'll realize you are not going through this alone. Remember it's ok to cry....the tears will come...but be proud. When you need to's ok to do it here. We all understand...I send a huge hug to you! 

Comment by Andysproudmom on June 4, 2012 at 11:54pm


My name is Nanci.  My son Andrew is also levaing for bootcamp on July 2.  He is my youngest and unlike my other two (one went to college and one moved only a few miles away) this child leaving seems so different. I know the emotional roller coaster you are on. I have friends who are talking about their kids going off to college and how they are so upset and I just want to scream sometimes because I know that they will be able to text or call their child anytime and also their child is not putting them selves in harms way to defend our country. (I realize I am a drama queen and that most likely my child will serve his entire Navy tours unharmed but the realalist in me knows that ya just never know) My only advice is to keep on a proud smile, cry when you need to and we are all hear for you. Together all of us mom's will get through this together.  I do have a suggestion for your son for your little girl. I am 10 years younger than my brother so when he joined the Army I was so mad at him for leaving me. But my wonderful brother (who hates writing) prewrote several little letters or little notes or a funny drawing so that my mom could give one to me every couple of days while he was in bootcamp (she would sneak them into the mailbox so I thought Kenny had mailed them) It was a way for me to know that my brother was thinking of me and avoided the long periods of time without hearing from him during bootcamp that my parents suffered though as my bother was so busy he couldn't write more than just once a week and for the first 3 weeks they didn't get anything while I was "receiving" mail almost every day.  Just a thought for you. I'm in my 40's now and the other day I was talking to my brother and was reminded of those little notes and pictures and how much it meant to me to get mail from my big brother and he said that he was so happy he had done that for me because even though he couldn't write he knew that I was getting those every few days and it made him smile.  Any way hang in there and enjoy the rest of June with your future Sailor. And remember we are all hear for you.  God Bless to you and your family.

Comment by GANukeMom(EM mom) on June 5, 2012 at 10:42pm

Thank you everyone.

Andysproudmom, I will definitely ask our son to write his little sister as your brother did for you. Our little girl has ADHD, some vision problems, and a learning disability so she doesn't always understand things taking as long as they do. These little letters will Definitely help her. Like you, I know that my son will likely go his entire Navy career and not get hurt. He's a Nuke. In my mind, I keep telling myself that the Navy is investing too much in his brain to let his body get hurt. Even if that is not true, I don't want to know any different.
What will Andy be doing after bootcamp?    I 'm the same way with my friends whose kids are going off to college. My son's best friend is at Meps tonight to be sworn in for the first time into the Marines. He had been accepted into a nearby college and in my own selfish way, I was hoping that was the route he was going to take. That way I, in some strange way, would have a part of him with me.

Tomorrow will be another day of encouraging our son to work out, swim laps, get up early, tie up loose ends, and spend time with those that he will not get to see until at least Thanksgiving.

Comment by Andysproudmom on June 5, 2012 at 11:46pm

Hi Karen,

Andrew will be an engineman.  He had several options opened because he scored well on the ASVAB (a 96) but he has always enjoyed taking things apart and putting them back together so after going back and forth for a few weeks he finally settled on that.  He is hoping to be in the navy for at least 12 years of full time then maybe go to reserve status after that. He's A-school following bootcamp is also at Great Lakes but then he will likely go to C-school after that but not sure were that will be. My son and I went to his girlfriends graduation party 2 weeks ago (she goes to a different school) and whenever parents asked my son what he was doing after school and he told them he was going into the Navy they almost acted like he wasn't smart enough to do anything else. My son didn't seem to mind but after awhile it irked me.  My son always makes good grades (A's and B's) but he just never was interested in going straight into college. He has always enjoyed the time he spent over the last 7 years in sea cadets and can't wait to start his navy career, maybe college will someday be a part of his life but I see no need to spend that money if he isn't ready to go. My son is working out at the gym every day and rock climbing and he has always enjoyed running so hopefully the physical part won't be too bad but last year when he ran track he suffered alot with shin splints so hopefully that won't rear it's ugly head during boot camp. He really wants to pass the first time around and not get held back for any medical reasons.  My husband was in the Marines in the early 90's so that was really Andrews only real pause about joinging the navy, for a brief period he thought about the Marines but the more he talked to current Navy sailors the more he fell in love with joining the Navy and for the last 3 years he never looked back on that decision.  I'm excited for him but like you, I know I will worry and you're right somethings is likely best not to dwell on. It will be hard to say goodbye in just over 3 weeks but you know what they say,....what doesn't kill us makes us stronger.  But then again how strong does a mom need to be?????  My current plan for the first few weeks of bootcamp is to buy alot of tissue!!!!  And of course, visit Navy for Moms as often as my crazy schedule allows.


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