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We have mailed to several smaller units so far this year:

Army - 62nd EN BN out of Ft Hood   600

Army -20th EN BN out of Ft Hood      77

Marines - BDE 4-215                       121

Air Force - 71 and 73 EACS             147

Army - HHC                                     18

AF unit out of OH                             128

AZ National Guard                            136

AF unit                                             20

Hospital in Afghanistan                      257

Army 4-501st                                    110

Operation Care - Afghanistan             220

AF                                                    30

Army/AF unit  838 AEAG                    50  *  see article below

Army 4th BDE 10th Mt Div Bravo        115

   "            "                     Co HQ        172

USS Fitzgerald                                  328

Army/AF unit 838 AEAG                      15   *  see article below

AF 455th ELRS                                   46

Army 4th BDE 19th Mt Div 2/A Co         28

  "         "                      "  HQ/A Co        7

   "        "                     "    1/A Co         28

Army/Nat G Ft Hood unit 8th EN BN     537

   "               "      "         937th              95    

Army Natl Guard 135th Attack Reconn   475

Ft Hood Wounded Warriors                     24  (Maryellen did these)

Army 216th EN MAC                              95

Army 3-1 AHB Nightmare                       106

Walter Reed Hospital Wounded Warriors 166   (Birdie did these)

USS Simpson Air Dept                            24

Calvin 91 years old - WW2 vet                   1

USS Rentz                                             233

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here is a thank you note that Susan S got from an AF gal in the unit from Utah.  We mailed pcs at the end of Feb.  This group came because a young man from my sister's church was deploying:

"Ms. Susan S,

 I spotted the pillowcase from the box that came in and immediately thought it was so beautiful!

 I love the pattern very much and orange is my favorite color so I immediately picked yours.

Thank you SO MUCH for the beautiful pillowcase!

Thank you so much for taking the time to make these for us. God sees what you are doing from Heaven

and is smiling because of it, I guarantee you. Thanks so much for your kindness.

You have brought beauty to this desert.


 And Susan said:

It made my day! It's truly a blessing to be able to bring a bit of sunshine to these young men and women.


Received another note from the Utah group and her pcs are above
"Dear Susan,
 I just wanted to write a note to thank you for the pillow case that you made. Your act is very generous and selfless.
I appreciate the time that you spent and the thoughtfulness.
The pillowcase I chose was bright pink....I especially like the color while being here because it is very brown here
and while surrounded by so many males, its nice to come to my room and have a feminine touch.
Thanks for that and your support.
 Gloria , 71EACS"
It's so nice to know how much our efforts are appreciated, isn't it?

here is a thank you note from the 71 EACS:

        How's it going ma'am and every one form Heads at ease? I just wanted
to take time and thank you for the awesome pillow case that I received. I
figured that you all can take time out of your busy day to make this
wonderful pillow case, the least I could do is take time out of mine and
send you all an E-Mail thanking you. I appreciate all the support you all
give us troops in a deployed location that we are in. It's not easy being
away from home and your kindness defiantly brings a smile to our faces.  I
hope you continue to keep doing what you doing because it makes a great
impacted on our lives. Thank you all again!


Kendrick USAF  Weapons Director
71 Expeditionary Air Control Squadron, "PYRAMID" 

US Marine M/Sgt Pxxxx stationed in wrote a lovely note upon receipt of pillowcases.

I quote,

"Thank you very much for the wonderful pillowcases. You are an angel on earth." 

Nice feeling that we have accomplished something on the far side of the earth.

betty   and below are her pcs:


Maryellen got this wonderful note today from the dad of our POC of the AZ National Guard Unit.  Good going ME!

I am Joey's Dad and I work as a contractor here in Tucson.  My wife showed me this picture this weekend.  I wanted to express my sincere thanks and appreciation.  While I was deployed from Jan 2007 to Apr 2008, I received many things also.  It was always appreciated when the items we got were handmade and much thought put forth.  On bad days when I was there it was always great to get something to cheer you up and know someone out there still cares about us over there.  I still have some of those items I brought home with me.  The pillow looks very nice and interesting idea.  I am sure he will appreciate it very much.  Thank you for doing this for him.  It was definiitly genuine and thoughtful for you to do this. 
Thank You very much.

Blood Fades,
Wounds Heal,
Pride... Lasts Forever

 Great opportunities to help others seldom come, but small ones surround us every day.

from Susan S to the 860th

here's a note from the Army 4-501st, plus some photos.  He sent Maryellen and I each a package and there is a photo of that as well.


Yes, I arrived this week to find 5 boxes of pillowcases here in the office--thanks so much!.  We still have some people on their way back from the exercise, but we should be passing out the pillowcases within the next week or two as soon as they all return!  You can definitely expect to hear from us again once everyone receives their gifts.

Thank you again for your generosity and for helping to support all of us out here!  The pillowcases look great, and it truly means a lot to all of us.

"Desperado 6"


Thank you again for all of the pillow cases!  They were a big hit!

Attached are a few photos of our Soldiers enjoying our new gifts.  Again, thank you for all the time and effort you put into making these!  It means a lot to have the support and appreciation of people back home, and this definitely serves as a great reminder of that.

Good luck with your work for the aircraft carrier--that's a lot of pillow cases!


here is from the Army/AF unit that we mailed to just a week ago:

Thanks so much Sue!
I will let you know when the packages arrive. I'll snap some pics too. 
And before I leave, I'll pass you the contact info for my replacement. 
Thanks so much!  Andy
July 3

Wow, the box arrived from you today Sue.
It made it here very quick, too!
I'll make sure the pillowcases get distributed and get some pics of some soldiers and airmen with their new pillowcases. 

Sent: Friday, July 5, 2013 4:49:13 AM
Subject: Re: care package on it's way!

Debbie's box arrived today.  Great timing, we have a briefing tomorrow where most of the squadron will be.  I'll unveil them there and make sure to get some pics.
the guys:

the rest of Army/AF:

this photo has Army, USN, AF and 2 civil contractors:

I am often asked how I/we choose groups.  I say "do you know someone deployed?

give me their information-it's that easy."  In the midst of mailing to the Nimitz,

Debbie Mulxxx asked me that.  Her answer was yes.  So I wrote to Andy and he said there were only 4 in his unit but they were working with an AF unit.  So she and I mailed 50 pcs for them.  Here's what she said:

Sue, just looked at both emails...and yes I did see several of my pc' awesome. I loved the one where the guy was holding it up in front of him like he was holding up a shirt..How can you ever thank the guys and women for what they do for us.And just think, if it wasn't for my son-in-law ,his many years in both the Navy and Army, we wouldn't have traveled to Tx to bring Kate back home while he was gone and I would have never read the article about HAE and I would have never been a part of this wonderful crew .....Thank you so much for what you do and have done :)

I am all about networking and word of mouth.  So if you know or have someone deployed, tell me.  Don't worry that I/HAE is too busy.  If it can't be done right now, we will put them on the list.

these photos are what Operation Care just sent me for HAE:

I love when they give a name!  Judy is legally blind and I got to meet her on Thursday!
Hi Judy,

Thank you so much for the amazing pillowcase!  I have been extremely busy
getting ready for my departure and transition back to the States.  In 3
weeks I will be with my daughters and so very excited.  It's been almost 8
months since I've seen them!  I love my pillowcase and will take a picture
as soon as I get a free moment to send your way.  The box of pillow cases we
received were a very hot commodity here at the 838th!  They were all gone in
minutes once the word got out.   Thank you and God Bless.  Peter   

Superintendent, 838th Air Expeditionary Advisory Group
Shindand AB, Afghanistan

Ok here we go, this is the USS Fitzgerald, It is on forward deployment in Japan. We will be working with the CMC of the ship, it is a surprize for the crew. HAE and the Command are the only ones that know the Pillowcases are coming. 


There are 320 aboard the ship with 49 being female and then the 3 command. We will start to ship on the 21st of August to the 24th.   We have filled all of the pcs slots already.


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