This site is for mothers of kids in the U.S. Navy and for Moms who have questions about Navy life for their kids.



Choose your Username.  For the privacy and safety of you and/or your sailor, NO LAST NAMES ARE ALLOWED, even if your last name differs from that of your sailor (please make sure your URL address does not include your last name either).  Also, please do not include your email address in your user name. Go to "Settings" above to set your Username.  While there, complete your Profile so you can post and share photos and videos of your Sailor and share stories with other moms!

Make sure to read our Community Guidelines and this Navy Operations Security (OPSEC) checklist - loose lips sink ships!

Join groups!  Browse for groups for your PIR date, your sailor's occupational specialty, "A" school, assigned ship, homeport city, your own city or state, and a myriad of other interests. Jump in and introduce yourself!  Start making friends that can last a lifetime.

Link to Navy Speak - Navy Terms & Acronyms: Navy Speak

All Hands Magazine's full length documentary "Making a Sailor": This video follows four recruits through Boot Camp in the spring of 2018 who were assigned to DIV 229, an integrated division, which had PIR on 05/25/2018. 

Boot Camp: Making a Sailor (Full Length Documentary - 2018)

Boot Camp: Behind the Scenes at RTC

...and visit - America's Navy and also Navy Live - The Official Blog of the Navy to learn more.

OPSEC - Navy Operations Security

Always keep Navy Operations Security in mind.  In the Navy, it's essential to remember that "loose lips sink ships."  OPSEC is everyone's responsibility. 

DON'T post critical information including future destinations or ports of call; future operations, exercises or missions; deployment or homecoming dates.  

DO be smart, use your head, always think OPSEC when using texts, email, phone, and social media, and watch this video: "Importance of Navy OPSEC."

Follow this link for OPSEC Guidelines:



**UPDATE 4/26/2022** Effective with the May 6, 2022 PIR 4 guests will be allowed.  Still must be fully vaccinated to attend.

**UPDATE 7/29/2021** You now must be fully vaccinated in order to attend PIR:

In light of observed changes and impact of the Coronavirus Delta Variant and out of an abundance of caution for our recruits, Sailors, staff, and guests, Recruit Training Command is restricting Pass-in-Review (recruit graduation) to ONLY fully immunized guests (14-days post final COVID vaccination dose).  

Specific information on this policy change will be provided in the coming days and weeks.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience and appreciate your support.


RTC Graduation

**UPDATE 6/23/2022 - MASK MANDATE IS LIFTED -  Vaccinations still required


Please note! Changes to this guide happened in October 2017. Tickets are now issued for all guests, and all guests must have a ticket to enter base. A separate parking pass is no longer needed to drive on to base for parking.

Please see changes to attending PIR in the PAGES column. The PAGES are located under the member icons on the right side.

Format Downloads:

Latest Activity

Navy Speak

Click here to learn common Navy terms and acronyms!  (Hint:  When you can speak an entire sentence using only acronyms and one verb, you're truly a Navy mom.)

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Visite esta página para explorar en su idioma las oportunidades de educación y carreras para sus hijos en el Navy.



N4M GROUPS: Listed By PIR Date (Boot Camp Graduation) - Active thru December 28, 2018


Within a week after your recruit /arrives at Great Lakes, you'll get THE BOX containing his old clothes and other personal items (look for his cell phone in his shoes). Next will be the all important FORM LETTER which will have his/her expected graduation date. We have a stellar group of mentors who will take you from beginning to end (entire Boot Camp & PIR period): ellen0502 (who creates most of the groups), FireTeamLeaderWife aka FTLW, diannep,  and CatMom509. You will be in excellent hands.

Just click on the underlined links below to go to the NAVY FOR MOMS groups associated with PIR dates (normally a Friday). Good luck and thank you to all Sailor Recruits and their families. Limit 4 guests per recruit unless noted otherwise. TG stands for Training Group.

   PIR: October 19, 2018 TG 50 - 9 Divisions (409-416 and 950) 

   PIR: October 26, 2018 TG 51 -11 Divisions (417-426 and 951) 

   PIR: November 02, 2018 TG 52-11 Divisions (427-436 and 952)   

   PIR: November 09, 2018 TG 01 - 12 Divisions (001-010, 801, and 901)

   PIR: November 16, 2018 TG 02 - 9 Divisions (011-018 and 902) 

   PIR: November 21, 2018 TG 03 - 11 Divisions (019-028 and 903)

   PIR: November 30, 2018 TG 04 - 14 Divisions (029-038, 802-804, and 904) 

   PIR: December 07, 2018 TG 05 - ( Divisions (039 - 046, and 905)

   PIR: December 14, 2018 TG 06 - 9 Divisions (047 - 056, 906 and 907)

   No PIR December 21, 2018

   No PIR December 28, 2018

If your Recruit just arrived chances are the group for your PIR has not been formed yet. You should join the Boot Camp Moms group & the subgroup for the month of your recruit's departure. Again, we have another group of mentors who will take you through the preparation phase.You'll get a check list of things to do the month before boot camp. You'll learn Navy acronyms and terminology. You'll find out what will take place at MEPS. Llemonelephant will be there to guide you through and point you in the right direction. 


Recruit Training Command (RTC) (clickable link) is the official Navy site for bootcamp website. This is should be your GO-TO site for information. Take the time, read everything.

Information about PIR, guest policy, ticketing, PIR schedule for October Graduations (and after)(clickable link). 

GRADUATION STREAMING LIVE  Watch our recruits graduate 0845 Central Daylight Time


What does the form letter look like?

Click HERE to see sample of the form letter for PIR dates prior to October 6, 2017.

Click HERE  to see the new information and a sample of the form letter for PIR dates October 6, 2017 and later.

Keep this letter in a safe place and/or scan and save on your hard disk as a backup. The FORM LETTER contains four important items.

  1. Your recruit's SHIP # and DIVISION # (Ships which are their barracks are also named, such as USS Triton, USS Reuben James. Don't confuse these with the real life actual Navy vessels in service)
    Just below that is his address.
  2. Further down, you'll find his graduation date. This is his PIR (Pass In Review) date.
  3. Next, you'll see the password needed to download the parking pass
  4. Finally, you'll see the four names your recruit has listed official as his guests. (4 per recruit) unless there are many recruit for that PIR date, in which case the number of guests will drop down to 3.
  5. If you are lucky, you'll find a very brief note from your recruit. There is not much room to write and they may be in a hurry, so don't be disappointed if the note is a short scribble.


You will have many questions regarding PIR. Where to stay? When to get airline tickets? What to do around Great Lakes? How to order photos, dvds? How do I sign up for the multiple meet and greets for parents?  What should I wear? Join this group - PIR REFERENCE INFORMATION GROUP (clickable link). You'll benefit from the information from others who have made this journey. There will be very few experiences like this in life - enjoy it. Be proud of your recruit.

Survival Guide for Navy For Moms Newbies - keep this link handy.

You'll find an overview of the entire process. You should also watch the videos, look at the diagram of the barracks (ships), review the powerpoint presentations. 

Important Groups For You To Join

  NavyDEP.COM  (created exclusively for the recruits only - run by Craig).
  Moms/dads/wives/gfs, lurk in this group if you want but do not join.




Leave For Bootcamp in Jan     Leave For Bootcamp in Feb      Leave For Bootcamp in March 

Leave For Bootcamp in April    Leave For Bootcamp in May     Leave For Bootcamp in June

Leave For Bootcamp in July    Leave For Bootcamp in Aug      Leave For Bootcamp in Sept

Leave For Bootcamp in Oct     Leave For Bootcamp in Nov      Leave For Bootcamp in Dec  


After graduation, many of the groups edit the title of the group to reflect status by adding "Alumni" or "Graduates" etc. The links stay the same and should work. A great place to stay in touch with the people you became acquainted with through bootcamp & PIR.

PIR Alumni GROUPS - 2018

PIR: October 12, 2018

PIR: October 05, 2018

PIR: September 28, 2018

PIR: September 21, 2018

PIR: September 14, 2018

PIR: September 07, 2018

PIR: August 31, 2018

PIR: August 24, 2018

PIR: August 17, 2018

PIR: August 10, 2018

PIR: August 03, 2018

PIR: 07/06/2018   PIR: 07/13/2018   PIR: 07/20/2018  PIR: 07/27/2018 

PIR: 06/01/2018    PIR: 06/08/2018  PIR: 06/15/2018   PIR: 06/22/2018  PIR: 06/29/2018

PIR: 05/04/2018    PIR: 05/11/2018  PIR:05/18/2018  PIR: 05/25/2018 

PIR: 04/06/2018      PIR: 04/13/2018    PIR: 04/20/2018   PIR: 04/27/2018

PIR: 03/02/2018     PIR: 03/09/2018     PIR: 03/16/2018    PIR: 03/23/2018    PIR: 03/30/2018 

NO PIR February 16, 2018      No PIR February 23, 2018

PIR: 01/26/2018 TG 12      PIR: 02/02/2018 TG 13     PIR: 02/09/2018 TG 14

PIR: 01/05/2018 TG 09      PIR: 01/12/2018 TG 10     PIR: 01/19/ 2018 TG 11 

PIR Alumni GROUPS - 2017

PIR: 12/01/2017     PIR: 12/08/2017      PIR: 12/15/2018      No PIR 12/22/2017      No PIR 12/29/2017 

PIR: 11/03/2017       PIR: 11/09/2017      PIR: 11/17/2017        PIR: 11/22/2017 

PIR: 10/6/2017        PIR: 10/13/2017       PIR: 10/20/2017        PIR: 10/27/2017  >

PIR: 09/01/2017       PIR: 09/08/2017      PIR  09/15/2017        PIR: 09/22/2017        PIR: 09/29/2017

PIR: 08/04/2017      PIR: 08/11/2017       PIR: 08/18/2017        PIR: 08/25/2017      

PIR: 07/07/2017      PIR: 07/14/2017      PIR: 07/21/2017         PIR 07/28/2017

PIR:06/02/2017      PIR: 06/09/2017      PIR: 06/16/2017       PIR: 06/23/2017       PIR:06/30/2017          

PIR: 05/05/2017      PIR: 05/12/2017       PIR: 05/19/2017         PIR: 05/26/2017                                

PIR: 04/07/2017       PIR: 04/14/2017      PIR: 04/21/ 2017        PIR: 04/28/2017 

PIR: 03/03/2017       PIR: 3/10/2017        PIR: 03/17/ 2017        PIR: 03/24/ 2017        PIR: 03/31/2017

PIR: JANUARY 2017 (for all PIR Dates in Jan 2017)     PIR: FEBRUARY 2017 (for all PIR Dates in Feb 2017)

PIR Alumni GROUPS - 2016  

PIR: November 2016 (for all PIR dates in Nov 2016)        PIR: December 2016 (for all PIR Dates in Dec 2016)

PIR: September 2016 (for all PIR dates in Sept 2016)      PIR: October 2016 (for all PIR dates in October 2016)

PIR: August 2016  (for all PIR dates in August 2016)

PIR: 07/08/2016        PIR: 07/15/2016         PIR: 07/22/2016         PIR: 07/29/2016

PIR: 06/03/2016       PIR: 06/10/2016         PIR: 06/17/2016         PIR: 06/24/2016        PIR: 06/30/2016  

PIR: 05/06/2016         PIR: 05/13/2016        PIR: 05/20/2016         PIR: 05/27/2016 

PIR: 04/01/2016        PIR: 04/08/2016         PIR: 04/15/2016         PIR: 04/22/2016         PIR: 04/29/2016     

PIR: 03/04/2016        PIR: 03/11/2016        PIR: 03/18/2016         PIR: 03/25/2016

PIR: 02/05/2016        None 2/12/2016          None 2/19/2016         PIR: 02/26/2016 

PIR: 01/08/2016         PIR: 01/15/2016         PIR: 01/22/2016         PIR: 01/29/2016 

PIR Alumni GROUPS - 2015

PIR: 12/04/2015         PIR: 12/11/2015        None 12/18/2015       None 12/25/2015       PIR: 12/31/2015      

PIR: 11/06/2015         PIR: 11/13/2015          PIR: 11/20/2015         PIR: 11/25/2015 

PIR: 10/09/2015         PIR: 10/16/2015         PIR: 10/23/2015         PIR: 10/30/2015 

PIR: 09/04/2015         PIR: 09/11/2015         PIR: 09/18/2015          PIR: 09/25/2015        PIR: 10/02/2015 

PIR: 08/07/2015         PIR: 08/14/2015         PIR: 08/21/2015          PIR: 08/28/2015       

PIR: 07/02/2015         PIR: 07/10/2015         PIR: 07/17/2015          PIR: 07/24/2015       PIR: 07/31/2015           

PIR: 06/05/2015         PIR: 06/12/2015         PIR: 06/19/2015          PIR: 06/26/2015 

PIR: 05/01/2015         PIR: 05/08/2015         PIR: 05/15/2015          PIR: 05/22/2015       PIR: 05/29/2015  

PIR: 04/03/2015         PIR: 04/10/2015         PIR: 04/17/2015         PIR: 04/24/2015                

PIR: 03/06/2015         PIR: 03/13/2015         PIR: 03/20/2015         PIR: 03/27/2015                  

PIR: 02/06/2015         None 2/13/2015         None 2/20/2015          PIR: 02/27/2015        

PIR: 01/09/2015         PIR:01/16/2015          PIR: 01/23/2015          PIR: 01/30/2015                  

PIR Alumni GROUPS - 2014

PIR: 12/05/2014         PIR: 12/12/2014        None 12/19/2014         PIR: 12/31/2014

PIR: 11/07/2014       PIR: 11/14/2014         PIR: 11/21/2014         PIR: 11/26/2014      

PIR: 10/03/2014         PIR: 10/10/2014         PIR: 10/17/2014         PIR: 10/24/2014          PIR: 10/31/2014    

PIR: 09/05/2014         PIR: 09/12/2014         PIR: 09/19/2014         PIR: 09/26/2014  

PIR: 08/01/2014         PIR: 08/08/2014         PIR: 08/15/2014         PIR: 08/22/2014         PIR: 08/29/2014  

PIR: 07/03/2014         PIR: 07/11/2014          PIR: 07/18/2014         PIR: 07/25/2014

PIR: 06/06/2014         PIR: 06/13/2014         PIR: 06/20/2014      

PIR: 05/02/2014         PIR: 05/09/2014         PIR: 05/16/2014          PIR: 05/23/2014         PIR: 05/30/2014  

PIR: 04/04/2014         PIR: 04/11/2014          PIR: 04/18/2014          PIR: 04/25/2014   

PIR: 03/07/2014         PIR: 03/14/2014          PIR: 03/21/2014         PIR: 03/28/2014         

PIR: 02/07/2014        None 02/14/2014        None 02/21/2014         PIR: 02/28/2014      

PIR: 01/03/2014         PIR: 01/10/2014         PIR: 01/17/2014          PIR: 01/24/2014         PIR: 01/31/2014 

PIR Alumni GROUPS - 2013

PIR: 12/06/2013        PIR: 12/13/2013        None 12/20/2103       None 12/27/2013 

PIR: 11/01/2013         PIR: 11/08/2013        PIR: 11/15/2013        PIR: 11/22/ 2013         PIR: 11/27/2013 

PIR: 10/04/2013         PIR: 10/11/2013        PIR: 10/18/2013        PIR: 10/25/2013             

PIR: 9/06/2013           PIR: 9/13/2013          PIR: 9/20/2013          PIR: 9/27/2013               

PIR: 8/02/2013           PIR: 8/09/2013          PIR: 8/16/2013          PIR: 8/23/2013          PIR: 8/30/2013                  

PIR: 7/03/2013           PIR: 7/12/2013          PIR: 7/19/2013          PIR: 7/26/2013      

PIR: 6/07/2013           PIR: 6/14/2013          PIR: 6/21/2013          PIR: 6/28/2013 

PIR: 5/03/2013           PIR: 5/10/2013          PIR: 5/17/2013           PIR: 5/24/2013          PIR: 5/31/2013 

PIR: 4/05/2013           PIR: 4/12/2013          PIR: 4/19/2013           PIR: 4/26/2013

PIR: 3/01/2013           PIR: 3/08/2013          PIR: 3/15/2013           PIR: 3/22/2013          PIR: 3/29/2013

PIR: 2/01/2013           PIR: 2/08/2013         None 2/15/2013          None 2/22/2015

PIR: 1/04/2013           PIR: 1/11/2013          PIR: 1/18/2013           PIR: 1/25/2013 

PIR Alumni GROUPS - 2012

None 12/7/2012         None 12/14/2012        PIR: 12/21/2012        PIR: 12/28/2012  

PIR: 11/02/2012         PIR: 11/09/2012          PIR: 11/16/2012        PIR: 11/21/2012         PIR: 11/30/2012

PIR: 10/05/2012         PIR: 10/12/2012         PIR: 10/19/2012        PIR: 10/26/2012               

PIR: 09/07/2012         PIR: 09/14/2012         PIR: 09/21/2012        PIR: 09/28/2012         

PIR: 08/03/2012         PIR: 08/10/2012         PIR: 08/17/2012        PIR: 08/24/ 2012        PIR: 08/31/2012      

PIR: 07/06/2012         PIR: 07/13/2012         PIR: 07/20/2012        PIR: 07/27/2012              

PIR: 06/01/2012         PIR: 06/08/2012         PIR: 06/15/2012         PIR: 06/22/2012         PIR: 06/29/2012   

PIR: 05/04/2012         PIR: 05/11/2012         PIR: 05/18/2012         PIR: 05/25/2012                            

PIR: 4/6/2012             PIR: 04/13/2012         PIR: 04/20/2012         PIR: 04/27/ 2012    

PIR: 3/2/2012             PIR: 3/9/2012             PIR: 3/16/2012           None 3/23/2012          PIR: 3/30/2012

PIR: 2/3/2012             PIR: 2/10/2012           PIR: 2/17/2012           None 2/24/2012 

PIR: 1/6/2012             PIR: 1/13/2012           PIR: 1/20/2012          PIR: 1/27/2012  

PIR Alumni GROUPS - 2011

PIR: 12/2/2011          PIR: 12/16/2011          NONE  12/9/2011       PIR: 12/ 29/2011       NONE 12/23/2011

PIR: 11/4/2011          PIR: 11/11/2011          PIR: 11/18/2011           PIR: 11/23/2011  

PIR: 10/7/2011          PIR: 10/14/2011          PIR: 10/21/2011          PIR: 10/28/2011   

PIR: 9/1/2011            PIR: 9/9/2011              PIR: 9/16/2011            PIR: 9/23/2011           PIR: 9/30/2011 

PIR: 8/5/2011            PIR: 8/12/2011            PIR: 8/19/2011            PIR: 8/26/2011           

PIR: 7/1/2011            PIR: 7/8/2011              PIR: 7/29/2011            PIR: 7/15/2011           PIR: 7/22/2011                           

PIR: 6/3/2011            PIR: 6/10/2011             PIR: 6/17/2011            None 6/24/2011                   

PIR: 5/6/2011            PIR: 5/13/2011             PIR: 5/20/2011            PIR: 5/26/2011                                                       

PIR: 4/1/2011            PIR: 4/8/2011               PIR: 4/15/2011           PIR: 4/22/2011          PIR: 4/29/2011 

PIR: 3/4/ 2011           PIR: 3/11/2011            PIR: 3/18/2011            PIR: 3/25/2011

PIR: 2/4/2011            PIR: 2/11/2011            PIR: 2/18/2011 

PIR: 1/7/2011            PIR: 1/14/2011            PIR: 1/21/2011            PIR: 1/28/2011       

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Thanks BunkerQB.  I am now waiting on my "Kid in a box" and it is really hard. Off and on through out the day I find myself wondering "I wonder what he is doing right now".  Navy 4 moms is a life saver!

Here is what he's doing (within a day or two)....

my son left sept 13.  not ready to see the so wondering and worrying  about him...what is the first week REALLY like?? when can they communicate? or do we go first with mail when we get their address? I live in north carolina and plan to go to graduation...
You may want to join the Group, New Moms Stop Here, and check out the Pages and Discussions there.  There is a Page on there that tells you what is happening at BC--Page 10 found in the column to the right of the comments directly under the pictures of the Members.  Once you know your SR’s PIR date, come back here and click on the date and join the group for that.  Your SR will not be able to write until about the second Sunday after he left.  Go ahead and begin writing letters and when you get the address in the form letter or from his Recruiter, you can mail them.  If you call his Recruiter on Monday, the Recruiter MAY have the address--it is in the system after the Division forms.  You can look at the Pages and Discussions in one or two of the PIR groups without joining to get an idea of how things go the first few weeks and then join the group for your son's PIR date once you know it.

Is it my imagination or does it seem like it takes forever for the comments to load?

Well, not right now but it's have been slow lately.

I just wanted to let you know that the URL for a group can now be changed by the Creator.  This will be helpful if someone creates a group with a strange URL.  The creator of the group can then go to Options, Edit Group, and then change the Group Address. Members of the group can get to the group by clicking on the icon for it, but posted links to it would probably be wrong.

This is a change that I am glad Ning and/or the N4M website designers made.

Can you explain to be what TG stands for?  I am new to the lingo... thanks  I got the ship and div that my son is in from his recruiter, but have not received the form letter with details as of yet.. thanks for your help.


TG stands for Training Group (the group of Recruits that graduate on the same day).
Oh god i dont know if i got the info rite from my son i was crying so much my first call and i dont know??? i think he said  SHIP #12  DIVISION 003 someone does that sound anyway correct someone anyone???? he just shipped out for booth camp on Sept 20 2011

Yes, that would be correct.  Click on PIR: Nov 18, 2011 here or above and join that group.  If you have not gotten the form letter yet, that information also gives you his address: 

SR Last Name, First Name Middle Initial 
USS Triton, Ship 12, Division 003 
3515 Sailor Drive
Great Lakes, IL 60088-3515

There are a couple of others in that group with SR's in the same Ship/Division.  Divisions 003 and 004 are brother Divisions and will be training together.  It doesn't look like they have started the Discussions for each division or set of brother divisions in the group yet.  Perhaps they are waiting until Monday when the Divisions for TG 01 will be posted on the RTC site.

Thank you very much

I'm a little confused....when you posted the lasted TG info you state that in TG 02 there are four divisions....does that mean there are four ships?



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