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**UPDATE - 2020**

Due to COVID there is no public PIR. The graduations are on Thursday, and the video of the graduation is posted on RTC's FaceBook on Friday at approx 3pm. Please keep in mind that a division may need to complete additional quarantine during training which will delay their graduation.

Please note! Changes to this guide happened in October 2017. Tickets are now issued for all guests, and all guests must have a ticket to enter base. A separate parking pass is no longer needed to drive on to base for parking.

Please see changes to attending PIR in the PAGES column. The PAGES are located under the member icons on the right side.

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OCS Graduate Moms


OCS Graduate Moms

For those who have graduated from Officer Candidate School in Newport, RI or who are currently attending there.

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Comment by penelopewms on January 16, 2021 at 7:41pm

My son was very pleased with Naval Officer cufflinks.

Comment by jagsailor on January 16, 2021 at 6:45pm

Hi Kim8,

My son is in 07.  I saw on our facebook group talk about Candio Boxes for delivery around FEb. 9th.  Thanks for the suggestions.  During the holiday stand down, I sent too many goodies and so I was just wondering what others were thinking for their Candio Boxes.  Apprectate your help

Comment by Kim8 on January 16, 2021 at 9:38am

Hi jagsailor, my son is at OCS currently also (07-21). I'm guessing your son is in 06? There is a FB group for 06 & they have been having discussions about this, if you're interested here's the link: 

As far as what to include, it definitely can be confusing, esp whether food is allowed, because they have changed that back & forth over the past couple years. Currently, they are allowing treats; I have contact w/a SO in the 05 class who gave me that info. So, treat it the same as the holiday boxes. If you want to include a gift just remember that they have very limited storage space. I have seen things like a nice pen or flashlight as ideas along with more practical stuff like Fox River socks (boot & dress) & long johns. And, of course, decorating the inside of the box to celebrate their accomplishment! Hope this helps.

Comment by jagsailor on January 15, 2021 at 11:10pm


Candio phase is coming up for my son at OCS.  Any recommendations for what to include in the box?  I'm not sure where to find accurate information.  Thank for your help!

Comment by Kim8 on August 16, 2020 at 3:02pm

Hi all, I started a new discussion but I think more people see comments on the wall so does anyone know the current situation with calling cards, i.e. better to get beforehand, what kind, easy enough to get at NEX so don't bother beforehand? You can answer using the discussion I started or right here I guess. The info I found on this site is from a while ago so looking for some updated info. TIA 

Comment by JF on May 4, 2020 at 1:15pm

Anyone here having a son/daughter in OCS 11-20?

Comment by MariaP on April 18, 2020 at 12:03am

Ging-83 my daughter graduated from OCS last Jan 24th .. the best place to start is follow the Facebook page of Officer Training Command Newport. This is the official page of OTCN.  Lots of information and photos of what a candidate goes through.   Then see if there is a group for Class 15-20 and request to join because these are usually a closed group.  This will be the class before 16-20 and if you let the Admin know that your son will be in the next incoming class , they would let you join.  They do not let candidates join in this group, open only to family and friends.  Lots of information and you will get ideas of what your son will be going through when it is his turn.  Lastly, find out if there is a group for you son's class  16-20 on Facebook and make sure to join in as well.  Believe me,  knowing that I was not alone  in worrying during my daughter's stay in OCS, the support and most of all, information I got from this group was a big help.  It sure helped my husband and I.  

Packing list, my daughter followed the list given to her by her recruiter.  No more, no less.. OCS is all about following instructions and attention to detail .  They will be provided everything they need when they get there even running shoes.. my daughter did bring a new pair of running shoes with her but did not get to use it til the end since they had to use the shoes provided to them.  We did splurge on socks which we bought in Amazon (5oxRiver M of Fen's Wick Dry Stryker Mid-Calf, Black)  it was $10 a pair I think..  

One other thing that we sent her after she got there was a Dritz 3100 14 in 1 Measuring Gauge which we bought at Amazon as well.  this served her well during the RLP room locker personnel inspection.  

Make sure he brings enough cash for the cab ride from the airport to Training country.  My daughter's flight arrived at 10:00 p.m. at Providence and had to get a cab ride from the airport which luckily she shared with 4 other candidates she met at the airport and they divided the 100$ fare amongst them.  she had 100$ in twenties with her when she left and that should be enough and her debit card which she was able to use when they were allowed to go to the NEX on Saturdays.  Since she had no access to her bank account during the Indoc phase, she gave me access to her account and I paid her debit card for her so she can buy what she needed at the NEX.

Sorry for the deluge of information.. pls feel free to message me if you have other questions and i will be more than happy to help.  I have been through all the stress , anxiety and worries but I assure you , it is all worth it in the end especially for your son.  Lots of letters and I do mean a lot.. I wrote to my daughter everyday while she was there and she said the only way to describe it, it's like Christmas morning everytime she receives a letter during mail call.  good luck and Godspeed to your son.

Comment by Andrea S on April 17, 2020 at 6:50pm

Ging-83 - My son was in the OCS class in Feb of 2018 so some things might have changed.  He to had a list that we tried to fill 2 days before his flight (to his defense he was assigned a class 12 days before the start date). I can respond to a few things:

The socks : we looked for that brand high and low and could not find it.  I know he had to have some plain white and some plain black.  We ended up with thick athletic socks, just make sure they do you have any branding on them (ie: Nike, Under Armor).  We actually found some at Costco. The Navy surplus store downtown Newport has that brand if they are in Newport early.

Next the running shoes: he brought 2 pairs (one to use and one for when they have their inspections) but when he got there they had changed it to  issuing them running shoes (new balance) so he did not use his at all.  His class was the first to do that so check and see if it is that way now.  

As previous mom's have stated you won't hear from them for a few weeks.  My son it was the 3rd Sunday after he left that he was able to call on the weekend (it was Sunday).  So make sure you answer any numbers from Newport RI.  I was that mom that wrote from day one and he sure was glad to get letters from us by the time the could receive them.  Send pictures also that really made his day. Also, Facebook will have the class online group.  That will be the only time you will have a chance to see them for the first 8 weeks.  The last 3 weeks they get their cell phones back and then you can face time.

I hope this helps!  

Comment by CindyN on April 17, 2020 at 5:46pm

Ging-83 - My son was at OCS 5 years ago now and things change so I can't offer much advice on the packing list. I can't imagine why whey wouldn't allow moleskin but I am sure stranger things have happened. I believe my son took some but I don't know if he was able to keep it or if it got packed away with items like their cell phones, civilian clothes. So my advice is, if he wants to take some, he should. It won't take up any space in his suitcase and the worst outcome is that it gets packed away until he is done. On the white briefs, that was on the packing list when my son went. I had to run out late the night before he left to buy some because yes, he left it all for the last minute. When he got to RI, he found that he could have brought boxer briefs and he was bummed. That rule may have changed so getting info from someone more recent would be good. White uniform probably does require a least one pair that is white though.

Comment by on April 17, 2020 at 5:17pm

Ging_83 - I don't remember what my kiddo did on some of this... I do know that after a bit - 2 weeks? 4? They can shop at the store on base, and they can pick up toiletries and more items if they didn't have it - or enough of it - on the front end. 

Yes on running shoes - they run everywhere, and they use those daily.  Not sure on underwear - I know my kiddo bought some things she wasn't usually wearing.  They will accumulate a lot of clothing / gear when they get there.  She actually had to buy a second suitcase to get it all home in addition to what she took. 

Not sure on the socks - maybe another mom can chime in? I don't remember what my kiddo ended up with - I just remember her feet hurting a lot - the boots start out new, so the thick socks help, and they run in the boots a lot, too.  Did it ask for dress socks?  If not, they will get those when they are fitted for and buy their uniforms.  Again, that's something the commisary will have, and they won't need dress uniforms for at least 4 weeks (?) anyway.  They are in their sweats and camos for the first multiple weeks for everything.

Toiletries - totally up to him.  I believe the arrangement is two to a room with a shared bathroom between every 2 rooms.  Shampoo and soap can be separate items. I believe shaving cream is allowed?  If not, maybe he can store it with his suitcase and "arrival" items and use the soap until he can get to the commisary in a few weeks. So - roll-on or gel deodorants, soap, shampoo, toothpaste and brush...

As for anything "medical" - I believe, if memory serves, no medical anything not already preauthorized or given to him through the medic on base.  I think that includes moleskin and bandaids, I am pretty sure that is also cold medicine and pain relievers like tylenol or advil.  They will go over all of that on arrival - and again, once allowed (later in the program) he can get those at the base store. I want to say the moleskin was a no - I remember mine wishing she had some, but no access! Thick socks??

There are some YouTubes that have a bit of help - try looking up Navy OCS on those.  (The OCS for other military branches all work a little differently, so make sure it's the Navy links.)


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